Chapter 28

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Chapter Twenty Eight...

He was gone the entire day and the only person I saw all day was Lily who brought me meals and snacks. She tried to make conversation with me but I wasn’t in the mood. I was too worried about Nika and what would happen to everyone who was going to go save her. No one truly knew what exactly they were walking in to and that scared me to death. I had only come face to face with my father once and that had been more then enough. I didn’t know exactly how much power he possessed but if he had been able to capture and possibly kill my mother then he had to be extremely dangerous. Since anyone who had known my mother said she was a very powerful witch. When he came back to the room it was the following night and he looked like he hadn’t slept since he left me the previous day.
“You need to sleep.” I said patting the side of the bed.

“I need to get ready to leave.” he replied wearily.

“You are not going anywhere until you get some rest, I refuse to have you leave me in this condition.” I answered sternly.

“I didn’t know you cared so much.” he replied with a weak smile and came and laid beside me on the bed. It felt so strange to have him beside me but so right, after all this settled down I needed to make it up to my mate but after he proved himself a little bit more. The whole Jess situation was still bothering me even though I knew I would soon be able to let that go.

“Kai like I told you before I care very much, I am just learning to deal with the hurt.” I said and pulled the blankets over him and within seconds he was sleeping. I leaned over and kissed his temple and then let out a quiet sigh and started watching tv again. I knew this bed rest thing wouldn’t last another day, I was already beyond bored. I wasn’t going to run around doing crazy activities but I needed to get out of this bed and out of this room. There was a knock at the door 5 hours later and I quietly got out of bed to answer it. Standing there facing me was Ayden and he looked like a broken man, he reminded me of the way Kai looked when he walked into the nursery that day and saw me. I pulled him into a hug and he held me tight.

“We’ll get her back Ayden I promise.” I whispered.

“I know but I’m her mate, not having her here is driving me insane.” he replied sadly. It made me feel guilty for running from Kai for so long, It must have been torture for him. It had been hard for me to stay away but I had the comfort of his bed with his scent and I had our baby to keep my link to him and I had left him with nothing.

“I know but we’ll get her back no matter what, I will not let them keep her.” I said and then heard movement behind me. I saw Kai getting up and he still looked tired. He walked into his closet to change and he walked out with a small duffle bag and then he walked over to me and Ayden. He gave Ayden and handshake and told him he’d meet him downstairs in a minute. Ayden nodded and exited the room leaving me standing in from of Kai feeling suddenly so sad and helpless. I don’t know why but I started crying and I couldn’t make it stop.
“Agapi mou what’s wrong?” he asked sweetly pulling me into his arms.

“I’m afraid that your going to leave and I’m never going to see you again.” I sobbed into his chest. He pulled away a little bit so he could see my face and he leaned down so we were eye to eye.

“Alivia Marie York as your mate I promise to return. I’m not going to leave you while you still have that last name, so until I make you my wife and enjoy many, many, many years with you I am not going anywhere you are stuck with me. Do you understand me?” he asked and I nodded slowly.

“Now please don’t cry Its making me feel guilty.” he pleaded.

“I can’t help it, I don’t know if it’s the hormones or my guilt of what I did over the past few months all I know is you deserve better then this…better then me…” I cried and buried my face into my hands. He pulled my hands away from my face very gently and put his hand on my chin tilted my face up.

“Don’t you ever say that Alivia, if anything I don’t deserve you. We’re mates and we are made for each other, when I claimed you, you became mine and I because yours. Remember what I told you, mates are for life.” he said and sealed it with a kissed which I deepened. At that moment it didn’t matter about what issues we still had between us I needed him and he needed me. After a few minutes we parted and he smiled at me happily that haunted look he had arrived with a few days ago was gone and it warmed my heart to see him so happy.
“Now go and help Ayden play prince charming for Nika. I need her to be safe or I won’t be able to rest easy.” I said playfully pushing him towards the door.

“Trying to get rid of me babe?” he joked.

“Only so you can return sooner.” I replied and stuck my tongue out. He leaned down and gave me a kiss and then told me he loved me and then walked out of the room. I leaned in the doorway and watched him disappear down the long hallway. My heart was already aching for him to return.
    It had been three days since they left in search of Nika, three very long days. I had tried calling him and tried texting him but his phone was off and went straight to voicemail which really pissed me off. I had told him to keep me informed, and to make matters worse Jake had not replied to a single email I had sent. It was almost as if everyone thought I was too fragile in my pregnant state to do anything. What they were forgetting that I was beyond powerful and that my temper was volatile. Those two things combined along with these crazy hormones reeked of disaster, so I was going to give him three more days and then I was going into battle. I wasn’t only going to kill the rogues and my father but I think my mate might need a little reminder about who he was dealing with.
    It was two days later and I was already planning my escape of the palace when I got an email from Jake.

To: Kai.Montgomery
Subject: Read this
    Alivia father let your friend go, he heard the palace guards and another pack were on their way here and decided she wasn’t worth it. Your friends must have found her by now because they haven’t made an advancements on the compound and I know they found our location. We’re moving slightly south again I’ll give you more details when you can. I know this news may seem good but its not Alivia… He only let her go because he knows your pregnant and he wants your baby. He said he’ll stop at nothing to get the both of you, he said with both of your powers he’d be completely unstoppable. You need to find a way to end this before he succeeds with his plan. Please contact me at least once a day so I know you are safe. DO NOT and I mean DO NOT leave the palace grounds for any reason, until you figure out a way to kill him you and your baby are in serious danger.
    Thinking of you always, Jake

I had felt so happy when I read that he had let Nika go but instantly my happiness was destroyed when I realized he only let her go so he could have time to go after me and my baby. It was one thing to go after me but to go after a baby who wasn’t even born yet was going way to far. This had to end and it had to end soon.
    When Kai returned two days later the first thing I did was punch him in the face. My first thought had been a simple dramatic slap but seeing him angered me so much I punched him as hard as I could.
“What the hell Liv!” he yelled.

“That is for turning your phone off and not keeping me updated…” I then I raised my hand again and slapped him “…And that is because I felt like it!” I hissed angrily. I had begged him over and over again to keep me informed, it had been the only reason I stayed behind and what had he done? He had turned his phone off and shut me out, he obviously forgot who he was dealing with.

“I didn’t need you calling me with concerns, I wanted you to rest and not deal with any of this. I promise you nothing dangerous happened and everything went fine.” I said and tried reaching out to pull me into a hug but I slapped his arms away from me.

“It could have not been fine and you promised me Kai, promised me! Or was this like every other promise you’ve ever made, a lie and just something you said to get a desire result out of me! And besides had you called me you would know I got an email from Jake. You didn’t make it out of there safely because all your planning, he let Nika go because he decided he wants something else, someone else!” I screamed. I couldn’t control my temper at the moment and I felt my palms heating up and I knew soon flames would start to show if I didn’t get a handle on this.

“I didn’t mean to lie to you I just thought in your condition you were better off not knowing anything. Now who else is he after?” he asked trying to calm me down but it wasn’t working he was just enraging me even more.

“Being pregnant isn’t a debilitating disease! You act like I’m useless that I can’t do anything!” I screamed and suddenly I felt flames engulf me. This was strongest my power had even shown itself, usually I was just able to control the flow of fire but now I was engulfed in it. Its not like it burned, I just felt pleasantly warm. Kai tried to stepped toward me since he was now panicking and the flames turned into a whitish blue color and kept him at an arms length.

“Please Liv calm down, your going to hurt the baby.” he pleaded.

“I would never hurt my baby!” I hissed venomously making him hold his hands up in surrender. That’s when Nika stepped into the room.

“Ali can you please calm down so I can give you a hug and see that adorable baby bump.” she said gently and I felt the fire retreating. Once I had control over the fire I stepped back and leaned against the wall, Kai went to step towards me andI shot him a look that said ‘step any closer and I’ll kill you’. I wouldn’t actually kill him, I’m sure killing your mate is a big no no in the shifter world but I needed my temper to cool off before I dealt with him again. Once the fire was gone Nika rushed forward to give me a big hug and hugged her back gratefully. If she hadn’t have stepped in I don’t know what would have happened.

“Now do we know if it’s a boy or a girl yet?” she asked excitedly.

“No, and I decided not to find out. I don’t care either way I just want a healthy baby and I think the surprise might be nice.” I replied and smiled down at my little bump.

“As much as I would like to know what to shop for I think a surprise sounds really nice.” She said and gave me another squeeze before stepping back and looking at the baby bump which made her smile even wider.

“Can you help me to my room?” I asked her. She nodded but glanced over at Kai knowing he wouldn’t be happy about this.

“I’ll be up to talk to you in a little bit.” he called after us and I stopped in my tracks and turned and said, “Don’t bother.”
    When we reached my room, not Kai’s, I decided after this fight that staying in his room would be too much. I sat down on the bed and Nika sat beside me and reached over and took my hand.
“What happened back there?” she asked calmly.

“I lost it, between him lying to me and breaking promises and the hormones and the surge of power I’ve been feeling I just lost it.” I groaned feeling so unstable that it was driving me crazy. As much as I loved this baby, pregnancy did not suit me.

“So you’re really not as angry with Kai as it seems?” she asked

“Oh no I’m angry at him, but the fire was just a but much.” I said and then laughed feeling silly. I had gone all super witch for no real reason and looking back on it I seemed kind of ridiculous.

“You said it not me.” she joked and I just shrugged.

“He didn’t hurt you did he?” I asked her, I had totally forgotten that she had just been rescued from my evil father.
“No he didn’t hurt me, in fact he barely had me. They grabbed me when I got to the airport and then we were in a car traveling and then suddenly they got a call to let me go…”

“Good because I would have never been able to forgive myself for putting you in this kind of danger.” I confessed.

“None of this is your fault Ali. Besides being a shifter and especially the daughter of an Alpha puts me in this kind of danger all the time. Now Ali tell me the truth, who is he after now?” she asked and I felt a chill go down my spine and my hands instantly go to my stomach trying to protect it.

“My baby… and me…” I whispered.

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