Part 33

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Third pov***

Mary walked toward Lulu to see what happened

Mary: what happened
Lulu: I want to see her regularly mmh
Mary: is something wrong
Lulu: well she's having trouble expressing any emotions but am her and sadness and I want to see her sleep schedule and food schedule
Mary: why why what do you thinks wrong
Lulu: I can't tell it could be one or more diagnosis I have to test her and talk with her
Mary: okay same time or
Lulu: I want to see her at 12pm every day don't miss one it's crucial please
Mary: okay thank you
Lulu: no problem

Y/n's pov***

What do I do I can't talk to her about my past life It hurts to much I don't want to remember it I want it to disappear

As I was thinking about everything I realised I was at the old skate park near my house and guess who's there


I looked at him he looked happy but not his usual smile

I didn't bother talking to him I just put my hood looked at the floor and continued walking

Jade a pov***

I was having some fun with my friends but I couldn't help but think about y/n I miss her so fucking much

I wish I can hug her I wish I can kiss her and just hold her safe in my arms forever

But that's not going to happened if she doesn't want to see me or anyone

As I was talking with my friends about our upcoming baseball game and how they miss y/n playing I heard one say

A/n: just to clarify I don't know any of Jadens mates from baseball so I'm making up name pls don't hate

Levi: jeez we need an extra player so bad but it's going to be hard to find one when the season is almost done

Jaden: ye I agree with that

Jackson: what about y/n I heard she back

Hudson: ye same apparently she doesn't play sport anymore

Cole: what really no baseball or boxing

Jackson: apparently so

Smith: is this because she went back to her bio parents

Levi: what a wos

They all laugh together

Jaden: no it's because she got forced to live with someone that hurts her physically and mentally and that's hard when you are all by yourself

They all just stare at me with their eye wide open

Levi: in sorry dude forgot you had a thing with her

Cole: ye man

Jaden: ye whatever

As we continued to talk Jackson pointed out y/n we turn our heads and she her skating down the road with her headphones on

We stare at her and see she makes he way to the skate park

Harry: so she doesn't play sport but skates what the fuck

Levi: dude we should go all to her

Jackson: man she isn't mentally stable shell probably hurt us or some shit haha

He laughs

Y/n pov***

I made my way to the skatepark

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