Part 3

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My grandma sent me a lot over to the Waltons to hang out. I've gotten very close with Jayla and we do everything together. I and Jaden have been close also we hang out a lot and are always together.

"Y/n" Jaden called me

"Ye I'm busy with Jayla"

"Your grandma is here she wants to tell you something"

I ran down the stairs existed for what my grandma had to say

"Y/n I found a baseball team for you to try out for this weekend, I'm pretty sure it's the same club Jaden plays for. And you have to start training for boxing Javons dad is gonna help coach you" I stood there silent and vuartijgn with excitement

"Wait you do Boxing" Javon shouted as he ran toward me

"Haha ye I do"

Sorry for the short charter

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