Part 19

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Y/n pov...

I got my bags and placed them in the trunk of my Uber and said one final goodbye to everyone

Y/n: bye jayla (I hugged her)
Jayla: I'm gonna miss you
Y/n: same here (I turned to Javon)
Y/n: so it seems no more gossip after school hey
Javon: ye it seems so (we hugged)
Jessica:bye sweetie remember if you need anything you got a key right
Y/n: um ye that k you for everything tell DJ I said bye
Jessica: sure will hun
I smiled and hugged her
Y/n: hey little man
Dealo: I'm going to miss you sooo much he said while crying
Y/n: hey ill will come to visit you okay
Dealo: promise
Y/n: promise we locked pinkies

I turned toward Jaden and gave him a small smile. Before getting in the car. After we drive off tears start to pour down my face.

Jaden pov...
I can't believe she is gone. I ruined our relationship. What am I supposed to do she was my everything

Narrator pov...

Jaden stayed in his room all week he didn't come out u less to go get food.

On the other hand y/n lived in her little house near the abandoned house by the lake.

Y/n continued doing boxing at javons gym but made sure she didn't run into the family she was hurt enough losing jaden let alone her second family.

She also continued to play baseball jaden was there but she didn't make eye contact or anything.

Next day at training
Y/n pov...

I went to the gum today I don't usually go on Sundays but I had to clear my mind

As I walk into the gym I didn't notice Javon and jaden in the back so I scanned in and went straight to the boxing area.

I sit my stuff down and taped my hands I started punching the punching bag with my AirPods in.

I didn't notice when Jacob came out with jaden and Dj they just started watching me practice.

As I finish to grad water I catch them staring I just smiled and went back to what I was doing.

Jaden pov...

I saw y/n the first time in a week she looks so hurt. She gave us a faint smile and went back to what she was doing.

Dj pov...

Y/n had improved a lot lately she trains a lot more here now she doesn't talk to anyone she only takes corrections nothing else.

I'm proud of her but also very worried about her mental health right now. She doesn't talk to anyone and you can see's hurt she is hiding something.

Javon: dad who am I going to verse this weekend
Dj: um well y/n actually she's too good for the girls so she is in the boy's competition.
Javon: wow really well can't wait

Y/n pov...

As I finish my session u went over to the weight and did some barbell square and powerlifting for about an hour and a half before scanning out and walking back home.

As I was walking I felt like someone was following me I turned around and saw no one how odd

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