Part 10

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I was laying in bed after dinner because I had a lot to think about and I was quite tired.

I heard a knock on my door and someone walked in I turned my head and saw it was Jessica

"You okay Y/n," she asked as she sat on my bed

"I just have a lot on my mind right now that's all" I say not moving

"When are you going to tell jaden about your parents everyone knows but him," Jessica asked me as she touches my shoulder

"I don't know I don't want to drag him into my messed-up family" I say on the verge of tears "can I please have some time alone," I ask

"Y/n you need to eat" Jessica informed me

"No I'm fine I ate before you picked me up," I said laying back down

"Okay sweetheart ill cone check on you tomorrow okay," she said getting up

I just hummed in response not wanting to talk to anyone

Time skip

I woke up and checked my phone and saw it was 12:03 am I couldn't go back to sleep so I went to check if jaden was asleep

I opened the door and saw he was still wake I quickly closed the door and started walking away. Until I hear Jaden calling for me.

"Y/n is that you," he said from the other side of the door

I stood there not wanting to answer but he came and opened the door and saw Jaden standing there

Jadens pov

I haven't really talked to Y/n she hasn't come out of her room all day I am very worried. I the to talk to her but she keeps saying everything was fine ok there is something she's not telling me but I don't want to push her limits with my questions.

I went to Jayla and asked her if she know what was wrong with Y/n

"Hey Jayla do you know why Y/n isn't coming out of her room lately," I asked her as u sit on her bed

"Sorta jaden she's going through a lot right now" Hayley says looking up from her phone

"What do you mean does everyone know what happened but me," I say frustrated

"Jaden... Y/n she is has had a really tough life plus shell tell you everything when she's ready" Kayla says

I walked out of Jayla's room and when back to mine I tried to sleep and notices the time was 12:00 am

I heard my door open and saw Y/n she quickly closes the door when she noticed I was awake

"Y/n is that you" I asked her she didn't answer me so I went and opened the door she just stood there with her head down

Y/n pov
When I saw jaden I couldn't help but let a tear slip.

"Y/n baby come here" jaden said extending his arms out for me. I had to find comfort I needed comfort

Jaden pov

Y/n looked up as I extended my arms out for her. And she took it she was so small and fragile. All I could do now was give her comfort

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