Part 22

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Jadens pov ***
I can't believe I lost y/n she's so mad and I lost her trust as well. I just want her back

As I got home I opened the door to my mum standing there with an angry look on her face

Jessica: jaden where have you been
Jaden just of ores he and walked up to his room
Jessica: jaden answer my damn question
Jessica: if you are going to keep ignoring me you'll be grounded and y/n won't be able to come over
Jaden: then ground me she doesn't like me anyway and there is no point in talking now leave me the fuck alone.

I slammed my door and slammed down it holding my knees to my chest crying I fucked up and lost the one person in my life I thought I would have forever.

Next day***

Y/n pov***
I have a game today and guess what that means yes I get to see jaden how ExItInG. I packed my stuff and got dressed ready for the game.

As I made my way there catching a ride with one of my friends. As I got out of the car I see jaden he looked so got in his uniform but what he did I can never forgive him.

As I was walking to the dugout I placed my stuff on the racks and put my eyes black on.

I saw Jaden walking towards me with his friends I never really talk to them bc they think I'm useless at baseball and I should rather play softball.

Even: soo I heard that you broke up with Jaden
I just stared at him I didn't answer. They all looked at me as I turn around to put on my eye black
Even: yo Y/n j am talking to you
Y/n: 'sighs' okay here's the deal when you talk to someone and they don't answer you that might be they don't want to talk to your stupid face got that
I say as I walked past them towards the back of the bleachers

I pull out my poem and called my grandma

Nan: ye hun is everything okay arent you meant to have your baseball game now
Y/n: um ye we haven't started but how's it going
Nan: Oh hun I can't tell you who will win I'm trying my best
Y/n: um okay well I git to go love you
Nan: love you too hun

Jadens pov***
Y/n looked very uncomfortable when even asked about us and after she just shouted in his face she walked off

I can see something wrong she doesn't want to talk or anything she just keeps to herself

Narrator pov***

As the game started y/n was sitting in the bug pit waiting for her to go jaden was just before her as he went up to bat be hit a home run.

Y/n stood up and she got ready to bat her eyes on the ball they thought the ball was near her face missing in by a centimetre.
Coach: wow wow watch it dude umpire
Y/n looked up and got ready again the pitcher through the ball y/n hitting a home run she sprinted as she runs across all bases before stopping on the home plate.

The fame went on and now it's time for them to swap to outfield

Y/n is the pitcher she through the ball and the batter got it towards y/n face making her fall to the ground covering her face. The umpire stopped the game and ran toward her with the coach

Jayla pov***
As we were watching jaden and y/ns game she had pretty close calls to the face the whole game until the better hit the ball making its way to y/n face before she could catch it. She fell to the floor and j could see everyone run to he to check if she was okay dad jumped up and made his way there as well.

Y/n pov***
I couldn't catch the ball before it hit me in the face I fell to the floor from the impact

Everyone came running to m to check if I was okay my bose was bleeding badly and j had a split lip and I think I might have bruised my eye as well.

Coach: hey hey y/n can yo hear me
U groaned as I held my face in pain
Dj: Y/n hey you're going to be okay
I hear Dj tell me u were still playing on the floor

I got up by myself when holding my face blood dripping down my face and into my j inform there was also a pile of blood where I was laying.

As I was walking out of the field I got very lightheaded and my vision went blurry before I could fall someone catches me I heard them whisper
???: her it's going to be ooh Y/n I got you okay
It was Jaden

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