Part 29

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TW: talking about suicide and trauma and child abuse

If this is a sensitive to you pls skip


I grabbed my stuff and ran towards the door I flung my backpack over my shoulders and ran down the road

As I was running I saw a car passing me and I looked into the window and it was NAN

My heart was beating fast from the adrenaline

I looked around from where I was standing and found a empty alley and ran through there I looked behind me and dumped into someone

I fell to the floor holding my head


I looked up and saw Dj

I just stood up and tried to catch my breath

Dj: hey are you okay your nans worried sick to come on let's take you to her

I shouted while looking at the ground

Dj: hey it's okay

Before I know it I saw Jessica jayla and javon

I just stared at them

Jayla: hey you okay

I took a couple steps back

Jessica: hey it's okay

Javon: she's in distress

Dj: I can see

Jayla: what do we do

Jessica: y/n hun we want to help you so pls come with us

Jessica said as she got closer to me

Y/n: I-i can't

Jessica: why not

Y/n: she's sending me back

Jessica: sending it back where

She took more steps closer I watched her hold her hand out

I was about to grab her hand when j saw Dj on the phone with someone

I could faintly hear him talking

Dj: ye we found her

I started panting and looked back at Jessica I took more steps back and turned around and started running

Jessica: Javon jayla go after her
Jessica shouted

I was running down the main road and heard police sirens

They stopped the car and someone got out and chased after me but I was too fast as I was looking behind me to see if they stopped

Someone tackled me

u scream in pain

I looked up and saw fucking Jaden

He held me down and refused to let go

Jaden: she's over here

Y/n: let me fucking go you bitch

Jaden: I'm helping you calm down

Y/n: no you're fucking not

I heard police shout as they got closer

I tried to push jaden off but he was too heavy I looked around and found a stick I hit him in the ribs and he loosed his grip I pushed him off and got up and ran

I ran through the trees and saw the cops got on my tail

I was exhausted from all the running so j wasn't that fast anymore and a coo tackled me making my wrist hit a rock

Y/n: fuck

I whispered holding my wrist

The cop pulled me up and had a firm grip on my wrists

Y/n: fucking let go you, son, of a bitch

Cop: wow you got a dirty mouth there

Y/n: ye whatever I don't care

He guided me through the trees and to where my grandma is with the Waltons

Mary: Y/n my baby

I just stood there looking at her as she went to hug me I dodged it

She looked at me and went in for another big and again I dodged it

I just stared at the ground my lower lip started to quiver

I looked at the Walton's and saw jaden holding his ribs

Jaden stepped forward and the cops held him back

Jaden: can I pls talk to her

Cop: fine but if she pulls anything we will tazer her

Jaden walked closer to me

Jaden: what's wrong with you

Y/n: your not the one going back to abusive parents are you

He just looked me in the eyes as I continue

Y/n: you have a perfect life perfect family I have nothing and I'm going back there

Jaden: y/n...

Y/n: listen if I go back there and shit gets worse I'm going to kill myself I'm not going through more pain and trauma

He just looked me in the eyes and gave me a hug

Jaden: listen I'm sorry about everything and I have to tell you this before you go... Hayley kissed me and I didn't kiss her back promise you were there at the wrong time

Y/n: thank you for telling the truth and I'm sorry for hurting you

Jaden: that's okay just pls promise me this

Y/n: what is it

Jaden: don't kill yourself if you go back well do everything we can to bring you back okay

Y/n: okay

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