Part 2

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I woke up this morning and took a quick shower and so my light makeup.
Your outfit

I walked down the stairs and saw my grandma on the phone

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I walked down the stairs and saw my grandma on the phone. I took an apple out of the fridge and sat on the counter top waiting for her to finish.


"Who was that," I asked her

"Oh, that was one of my employees at my work they never listen" I chuckled listening to her explain her situation.

"Well Y/n do you still play all your sports"

"Ye I do well I used to before I moved here" I stated

"Well I was thinking you can join the new team here," she said while smiling

I looked up at her with a huge smile


"Well ye what do toy okay now I can never jeep track haha" she smiled at me

"Well, I haven't played softball in a while because the girl's team got cancelled so I started playing baseball, and I started doing boxing," I say with a smile

"Alright Y/n I'm taking you to join a baseball team later this week but before we do that I want you to meet the Waltons," She said

"Nan who's the Waltons," I asked with a confused expression

"Hun they are our next-door neighbours they are a beautiful family plus they have boys your age"

"Nan stoop," I said

My grandma and I make our way to the Walton's house

*Knock knock*
"I'll get it" I heard a voice shout
As they open the door I see I very cute boy standing there.

"Hi Mary," the boy said hugging my grandma

"Hey hun where's your mum, I want to introduce you to someone special," she said smiling

The cute boy ran upstairs and called his mum

"Ahhh Mary how are you," she said smiling and hugging grandma also

"I'm good I want you all to meet my granddaughter Y/n she is staying with me" I stood beside my grandma and gave a little wave and a small smile

"Hi I'm Jessica nice to finally meet you Y/n your grandma told us a lot about you," she said "this is my husband Dj" I shook his hand as she continued "this is Javon and Jaden the twins, this is Jayla my oldest and Dealo my youngest"

I greeted all of them and said hi

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