Part 21

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I woke up and felt someone's hand around my waist it was Jaden!!! I jumped up and put on my hoodie and shoes making my way out to the lake.

I sat on the dock thinking about me and jaden yes I miss him but what he did wasn't okay he really hurt me.

Jaden pov***

I woke up and y/n wasn't next to me got up and place my hoodie on and walked outside and saw her sitting on the dock.
Jaden: Y/n can we talk now pls
Y/n: mmh
She just hummed and kept her eyes on the water
Jaden: listen ik I fucked up but I really miss you
Y/n: I'm sorry jaden I can't do this with you
Jaden: what do you mean by that
Y/n: I'm sorry
Jaden: Y/n please I need you
Y/n: NO JADEN you don't and especially me I don't need you in my life you ruined it which means you'll do it again
Jaden: where is the trust in our relationship
I shouted at her as she looked numb she had no facial expression until I asked her about trust
Y/n: 'starts laughing' please don't talk about trust to me I never and I mean never would I hurt someone I loved. UNLIKE YOU
I just stood there with tears in my eyes
Y/n: leave and don't come to visit me Jaden stay away from getting it
Jaden: Y/n...
She just turned and walked away from me not even looking back I have lost her forever haven't I

As I walk home I get a phone call from jayla

Jayla: Jaden where we're you all night
Jaden: went to speak with y/n
I said coldly
Jayla: how did that go
Jade: she doesn't ever want to speak to me again
Jayla: oh I'm sorry but you did deserve it and wait how d you know where she lives
Jaden: I followed her after gym
Jayla: oh okay we'll get home soon mums mad
Jaden: yep see ya

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