Part 26

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Y/n pov ***

I was in my room laying on my bed staring at the ceiling I was thinking about what will happen to me if nan loses the case

( y/ns thought is underlined)

I don't know what I am going to do I don't want to go back there they'll beat me and I'm happy here I got the Walton family and my friends I play sport and stuff I can't just pack up and move

As I was thinking I heard the door open it was nan

Nan: hey hun someone's here for you
Y/n: who?
Nan: come and look

I went downstairs and saw JADEN I looked at him and I just turned around to go back upstairs

Before I can go up the stairs nan blocked they was

Y/n: can you please move (I whispered)
Nan: Y/n talk to him
Y/n: I don't want to
Nan: go now

I turn around and saw jaden still staring at me he held eye contact but I just looked at the floor

My grandma started talking
Nan: okay while you sort this out whatever it is I'm going grocery shopping bye bye

She grabbed her keys and just left, just like that

I went back upstairs to my room and close my door before Jaden could even come inside

He was standing in front of my door

*Knock knock*

Y/n: go away
Jaden: y/n pls can I talk to you
I didn't answer I just grabbed my skateboard and AirPods and climbed out the window

Jaden pov

I went to take to Y/n but she wasn't at all interested after her grandma left she ran to her room and closed the door I tried to talk through to her but go no response so I open her door to find her not in there

I looked around and saw that her window was open I looked out and saw y/n on her skateboard going down the street she must be going to the skatepark

I ran downstairs and went to my house and got in the car I drove to the state park and saw y/n skating in the bowl

I parked the car and just watched her she was good

She was finishing up and she went behind a tree to rest I took this opportunity to talk to her I went up behind her and spoke

Jaden: Y/n??
Y/n: stalker much
Jaden: listen I need to talk to you
Y/n: I don't want to hear it
Jaden: hey I miss you and I do care about you I'm trying to explain myself to you
Y/n: Jaden you messed up and I only trust you once hence why I don't want anything to do with you
Jaden: y/n, Hayley kissed me and I didn't kiss back but it was to make when you saw and I couldn't explain myself to you and I'm an idiot for not telling you I was scared you wouldn't believe me

She just stood there staring at me not saying anything

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