Part 31

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TW talking about suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, depression and anxiety

If these are sensitive play skip this chapter

As I walked up to the front door of the house I could hear screaming great just great

I opened the door and saw mum screaming at a guy which I presume is her bf

I remember my grandmother told me she had an affair with him but my bad don't know so he's living a double life

"What the fuck are you doing here" she snapped at me j wasn't in the mood to get best up so I just simply replied

"I just came from the bus stop plus don't worry I won't tell dad about your secret bf," I said making my way upstairs to my room

I could see my room was still trashed exactly the same as when I  left

I cleaned it up and unpacked my bags and laid only my bed

Your room

Your room

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It was around 10 am and I was getting bored

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It was around 10 am and I was getting bored. But not long after I heard screaming again I could hear footsteps coming from the stairs

My heart started to race my door flung open another stood my father

Father: did you know your another was cheating on me

I looked at my mum and she shook her head no

Y/n: um n-no

I said in a shaky voice

He came closer to me and slapped me in the face

I brought my hand towards my face my cheek was red and stinging tears weld up in my eyes

Father: I'm not asking again did she cheat

I looked at my mum knowing shell beat me up if it yes so I simply just answered

Y/n: no no she isn't

This time my father took me by my hair and thought me on the floor

Father: liar I saw her why are you lying to my face

I didn't answer so he stood up and kicked me a couple of times in the stomach

He turned around and walked out with my mum everything went quiet

As I was laying there I know I must have broken a rib or two

I stood up looked myself in the mirror and went back to my bed and just played there

Time skip ***

I've been in Australia for about 6 months and no one is coming to get me I fell into depression and have very bad anxiety

No, I'm not diagnosed because my parents won't take me

I've had bad suicidal thoughts lately thinking that might be my only way out is this shit whole

My parent best me up daily and I go to school in oversized clothes so they won't see my bruises and I did lose a lot of weight because my mother keeps making remarks about how I looked and what I eat

My life is falling apart I don't talk to the Waltons anymore I have heard from my grandma in about a month so I'm guessing I'm stuck here until I'm 18

The next morning when I woke up my parents told me there was someone there to see me

I walked outside and show GRANDMA

I didn't run to her I just stared

Mary: Y/n baby come here

She opened her arms for me and I didn't go anywhere just stood where I was before

Mary: Y/n you oak-
Y/n: you left me
Mary: j had no choice
Y/n: no no you did and that wasn't me
Mary: I'm sorry... But you're coming home now

I went upstairs and packed my bags not even saying goodbye to my parents

Mother: why can't we get a hug baby
Y/n: Fuck off
Father: that's no way to speak to us
Y/n: well it is you treat me like shit I treat you like shit

I said getting into the car

We came to the airport and went through security and hopped on the plain

Not long after we landed and did the proses again

Grandma called and Uber and I went to our house

When we arrived I saw Jessica taking out the groceries from their car

I hopped out of the car and go my luggage and went inside to my room and laid in bed

Someone knocked on the door

Y/n: go away
I answered

Mary: hun didn't you want to go say hi to Jaden and them

Y/n: no not really now leave my room

Mary: that's no way to speak to me y/n that's very rude

Y/n:( laughs) don't talk to me about being rude I had to spend half a year there by myself no calls no text anything now leave me alone

Mary pov***

After I went to speak with y/n I went downstairs where Jaden was

Jaden: so what did she say

Mary: in sorry she isn't happy

Jaden: wait she doesn't want to see me at all

Mary: no I think I might take her to a therapist

Jaden: what why

Mary: she isn't happy she isn't really eating a lot I can see something wrong

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