Part 12

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Y/n pov
After my baseball game, I got changed in the change room ready to go boxing

As I came out of the changeling rooms Kobi called me over

"Hey Y/n" I looked over at him calling me while waving me to go over

"Whats up," I say as I got to the group of boys

They were staring at me because I was in only Mike pros and a crop top.
"Where you going if to we were gonna go eat out"Kobi said to me

"Aah ye sorry guys I have training at the gym" I say checking the time

"What training for what can't you take a break" Brayan said looking at me

"Nah I have boxing and my next comp is this weekend so gotta go to training" I said they all looked shocked at me

"Is that why you're so musclely?" Adam asked

I just nod and talked for a while I was getting kind of uncomfortable by the way some of them were staring at me that's when jaden noticed and placed his hands around my waist.

"Wow dude you're being a bit protective" Jamie said looking mad

"I mean ye she's my GIRLFRIEND, after all, he said out loud" I just giggled and told him I got to go and he can stay with his friends if he wants

"Nah I wanna see you train" jaden answered me as we made our way to the car

When we got there I put on my shoes and then my groves ready for training we were at the gym for a couple of hours.

To be honest Jaden didn't look fired at all he just sat and watched me

Jadens pov
As we got to the gym I watched Y/n train and she looks so hot doing it. She's been working really hard for the last couple of weeks so I decided that I was gonna surprise her with a small gift later

Back to Y/n pov
I got a notification for jadan and join has tagged me in a post and stories


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Look at my beautiful girly
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