Part 15

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When school started acetone was congratulating me on my win.
"Y/n is it true that you won against Hayley" a girl asked
I smile at her
"Yes I did but she put up a good fight"  I said to her

Jaden and I made our way to the first session, we had sport together. We walked to the change rooms or get ready. I open my locker and see a note fall out. I opened it and it read.

I am coming after you,
I don't accept defeat.
You won the easy way
And I will make you pay
For everything, I won't let
You win at all
Not in sports not in school
And I will get jaden
Hayley >

I stare down at the note shocked at what I just read.
"Girls are you done changing pe is starting" Mr Heart asked
That snapped me out of my thoughts and tied my hair up in a low ponytail.

All the girls walked out just leaving me in the change rooms I stuffed the note in my bag and ran out to the field.

I ran up behind the group.
"Hey what did I miss" I ask one of my friends
"Oh well we are doing athletics this term" she says
"Ah thanks" I reply

"Alright class get into pairs we are doing sprints and long-distance running" the teacher informed us
We sorted ourselves into pairs and suddenly Mr Heart spoke

"Oh and each male had to choose a female as pairs" he said

Everyone groaned as they had to find new partners. Jaden came running up to me and asked to be partners I agreed of course he's my boyfriend.

As we do some stretch I pulled Jaden aside.
"Y/n love you good" he asked concerned
"Um, ye I um..." I try to say
"Love use your words"
"I for a note from Hayley in my locker and she is kinda mad I beat her at the tournament" I say in one breath
"Okay we just have to watch our backs everything will be fine" jaden answered

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