Part 18

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My phone kept blowing up with text messages from Jayla, Javon and jaden.

Y/n you okay
Delivered 10min ago

Hey where are you
Delivered 10min ago

Hey it's been 3hours
Since you left can you
Please tell me where
You are we checked
Your house and you
Weren't there
We just want to make
sure you're safe
Delivered 8min ago
Heyy where are you
Delivered 12min ago

Y/n this shit ain't funny
Delivered 11min ago

can you please just tell me
Where you are so we can
Pick you up or at least
Tell us you are okay
Delivered 10 min ago
Jaden ❤️
Delivered 1hour ago

Y/n answer the phone
Delivered 10 min ago

This isn't funny Y/n answer
Me now I'm worried

You know what just text me
Back if your safe okay?
Delivered 5 min ago

I was still in my little treehouse reading. I didn't want to go back I was safe and... Well just safe

I was busy making myself some stir-fry when my grandma called me

Grandma: hey hun are you okay
Y/n: ye perfectly fine why did something happen
Grandma: no no everything is good here and we are winning the case but... I got a call from Jessica saying your not with them
Y/n: um ye something happened at the party and I needed a break so I came to the lake
Grandma: alright can I tell them where you are?
Y/n: no I don't want them to find out
Grandma: I'll just say your safe where you are okay and call me every day if your gonna stay there instead okay.
Y/n: thanks nan love you
Grandma: love you too xx

Jaden's pov
I was so stressed out I didn't know where y/n went after the party

I told my mum what happened she was beyond upset about it and called her grandma to tell her

Y/n's grandma didn't seem to be upset she told us y/n is safe where she is. I asked her if she knew where y/n is and she just told me yea but y/n needs space right now.

My mum also told me and jayla to go pack y/ns bags and hand them to her at school. We asked why and she just
said y/n is staying somewhere else for a while

Time skip...............

It was Monday and I saw y/n waiting for us I walked up to her and she just ignored me. She didn't make eye contact at all

Jayla:here's your bags
Y/n thank you

She said as she hugged jayla

Y/n: hey wanna
Javon: y/n what's up

She laughed.
Oh I missed that's smile so much

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