Part 5

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That night I went over to the Walton's house with Jaden. As I open the door Daelo

"Y/n you here" he shouted ns gave me a big hug

"Hey buddy what are you up to," I say with a smile

"Can you okay fortnight with me please?" he said making puppy dog eyes

"No Daelo Y/n is mine I'm hanging out with her" Jaden said grabbing my hand.

"I'll play with you a bit later promise" I extended my pinky out to him and licked it in with his

"Hey Jessica and DJ" I wave as Jaden drags me into his room

"Hi hun" she waved

Jaden slammed the door and turning and toward me

"Sooo Jaden you said I'm yours back then," I said blushing

"Ye you are mine do you have a problem with that" he said as his hands went around my waist

"No I don't I kind of like it," I said placing my arms around his neck

"So Y/n would you like to be my girlfriend" Jaden said with a smirk

"I would love to" I say smiling

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