Part 30

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I was sitting in the car waiting for m grandma to put my bags in because she doesn't tryst me to do it in case I run again

She closed the trunk and got in the driver's seat

Mary: ready

I just looked out the window and didn't answer her

As we pull out of the driveway j saw jaden running towards us

Y/n: stop the car

I open the door and jumped out

Mary: Y/N

I sprinted to jaden and he opened his arms for me

I hugged him tight I didn't want to let go

Jaden: everything going to be alright

Y/n: no it's not

Jaden: love look at me... You are a strong girl and look on the bright side you'll be back before you know it

Mary: y/n hurry up you we need to get you to the airport

Y/n: bye

Jaden: wait

He grabbed my wrist and pulled me into a KISS

I kissed back

I pulled back saying my last goodbye to him and told him to tell jayla javon Jessica DJ and daelo I said bye and I love them

I got into the car and stared out the window at him and gave him a little smile and wave

As we were driving tears started to our down my face

My grandma pulled into the parking lot and got my bags and went in with me she got someone to board with me so I don't run away

As I board the plane I went to my seat I just put my AirPods on and listened to music and not soon after fell asleep

When the plane landed I grabbed my luggage and head my way to the terminals

As I stepped out to where the cars was I knew my parents weren't going to pick me up so u catch a bus

As I paid with my smart rider ( a card that you use for school or public transport)  and took a seat

I soon got off and started walking the rest of the way

As I was walking I walked past the park I used to skate all the time I see nothing has changed 

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