Part 28

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Y/n Pov***

I was sitting against a tree in this random park thinking my life over

I was bored so bored

I didn't want to go back

I was mad very mad and very upset and I have a lot of anger I'm holding in so I decided to go to the Waltons gym

I have a spare locker with clothes in there and my necessities

I have a spare locker with clothes in there and my necessities

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When I got there I got changed into my leggings and crop top

I grabbed my boxing gloves and walked over to the boxing bag and started punching it I kicked it I absolutely destroyed it

I was standing there sweat dripping down my face

My lower lip started to quiver

So instead of crying, I started punching it again and again

I took off my gloves and wrapped my hand and went again

My hands started hurting but I didn't care at this point I didn't care if I broke them I didn't care if I hurt them I didn't care at all

Jadens pov***

I heard mary y/ns nan was looking for her. Her phone must have probably died so I'm not too worried

I decided to go to the gym to work on my legs bc as you know it's leg day. I got changed into some shorts and a shirt but I'm probably going to remove my shirt when I get there

As I walk in to the gym I saw Y/n

Why is she here

I saw her punching the punching bag with a lot of anger without her gloves on

I just stared at her she looked up when she went to get water and made eye contact with me I gave her a small smile but she just turned away and went back to punching the punching bag

I went on my phone and decided to call Y/n's nan

Mary: hey Jaden everything okay??
Jaden: hey mary u found y/n for you
Mary: oh that's great where are you I may ask
Jaden: we're at my family gym ill send you the location
Mary: okay thanks ilk be there as soon as possible

I walked up to y/n and try talk to her

Jaden: hey Y/n

She just looked at me and continued with what she was doing

Jaden: why haven't you called your grandma back yet she's worried sick

Y/n: stopped punching the bag and turned to me what do you mean dies she know where I am

Jaden: ye I told her

Y/n: shit... I-I got to go

Y/ns pov***

As u went to leave jaden grabbed my wrist

Jaden: y/n where are you going

Y/n: none of your business

Jaden: listen I care about you so old tell me

I just pulled myself away from him and grabbed my thing and ran out of there before my grandma comes

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