Part 4

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*Fast forward to the weekend*
I was busy packing my bag ready for tryouts for Jaden's team.

I packed in my glove and my water bottle then I was ready to go. My grandma drove me there. I was so excited I haven't played in a while and eager to get on the field.

As I got out of the car Jaden spotted me. Before I know it he ran towards me and hugged me.

"Hey," I say with a smile

"Hi you ready"

"Ye just a bit nervous I haven't played in a while you know" I said with a small smile

"Ye I get that but you'll do good promise"

As the day went on the coach called all the boys together


All the boys gathered around a stared at the coach

"So boys this is Y/n she will be trying out for this team so be nice," he said with a smile while paying my back

"Wait coach she is a girl tho, shouldn't she be playing softball with the girls' team" one of the boys says

"No no, she has a lot of talent and would be a great fit for the team you might learn a thing or two from her" the coach said

I just smiled and looked and Jaden smirking as his teammate said that.

"Right everyone warm-up you have 10 mins before we have a game against the older team" the coach informed us

"Y/n right" a boy came over he was a brunette with blue eyes

"Um yes," I said as I look up at him

"I'm Kobi nice to finally meet you" she stuck his hand out for me to shake

"Jaden talk a lot about you," she said dispensing the last part so Jaden wouldn't hear

"Is that so?" I say blushing

Jaden ran over to us "hey Y/n, sup Kobi"

We just nod as our hello.

"Alright boys and Y/n come ser yourself up we are starting the game" the coach yelled

Everyone had a turn to bat so now it was Jaden then mine. He walked to the home plate and stood there waiting for the pitcher to through the ball.

The thought the balk and BaM Jaden hit the ball and for all the way to third base.

Now it was my turn if I hit a home run we win. As j was walking home okay I heard a few boys say behind my back.
"Haha, a girl jeez this team steeped low man" one said then I heard the catcher say "hey pretty girl gonna make us win hey" I was fuming mad by the way these boys were talking when they have no idea who I am.

The Pitcher thought the ball, u sang my bat and git a home run. I made the team win.

The whole team came running toward me and everyone was shocked and complimented me.

"Y/n" I heard the coach call my name, I turned around and saw him smiling.

"Welcome to the team" he said I was so happy Jaden ran towards me and hugged me and congratulate me.

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