Part 13

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Exams were finally over and I was ready for my boxing tournament. I was laying on jadens chest as we watched a movie

I wasn't really paying attention to it I was admiring my handsome boyfriend. I kissed him on his lips then I gave him soft little neck butterfly kisses.

He moved me away from his neck then he laid on top of me pinning me down so he could kiss me. She also gave me butterfly kisses and sucked on a spot on my neck till it for purple he left a hickey for everyone to see

I got up and saw a purple spot
"Jaden," I say as he got up and walked one the mirror
" aww what happened gorgeous" he said smirking

" I have a tournament tomorrow and there is no way my make-up will stay one to cover this," I say looking at it in the mirror

"Youll be fine plus you look hot with it I should make more," he said kissing me again

"Nooooo you shouldn't" I laughed pushing him away and running into my room

Today was my first tournament of the season, Dj informed me that I will be against one of the strongest boxers in my decision her name is Hayley. She has been on the tip of the leader board for a while and no one has managed to defeat her

I was waiting next to the ring ready for my fight

"Alright Y/n listen up, Hayley has a weak spot everyone does you have to find it and use that to your advantage" Dj explained to me the plan

I nod and watch the match going on before me. It was Javon and another boy. Javin through a punch and the other boy was on the ground.

As they were cleaning the ring ready for the next match.

Jaden, Jayla, Dealo and Jessica are sitting on the side congratulating Javon on his win

Jaden turned to me and realised my hand, shaking if nerves. He stood next to me and held my shaking hand.

"You okay Gorgeous" jaden asked me

"Um ye just a bit anxiety that's all" I reply not looking at him

"You sure" he asked looking at me now

I just smiled and nod as I turn around to put on my boxing gloves.
"Hey, you'll do great" jaden says hiking my face and trying to give me a kiss. I smiled and returned his kiss

"Next fight is Y/n vs Hayley, everyone take your seats so the match can begin" the announcer said

"Alright Y/n you can do this" DJ said as I climb into the ring

"Let the match begin," the announcer said signalling us to start

She through a punch first and I blocked it, I kicked her and she stumbled backwards. The crowd was cheering us on. Hayley threw another punch at me and I stumbled backwards, and she charged again when I wasn't looking she hit me in the face, I then fell to the floor from the impact .

She tries to kick me in the stomach but I roll over and jump up kicking her in the back then waited till she turned around and trikes her in the face making her fall to the ground.

"1,2,3 and Y/n wins" the announcer shouted

Everyone was clapping and cheering me in u walked over to Hayley to make sure she was okay out of nowhere, she strikes to my face after the match was done making me fall to the ground.

Dj jumped in the ring trying to separate us as the announcer gets a hold of Hayley. Hayley was band for the whole season for her aggressiveness

"Y/N you okay" Dj asked helping me up as I held my cheek and lip. On one realised how bad it was until I looked up

"Wow Y/n you rook some damages to the face we need to get you cleaned up" DJ informed me

"Yes I know just give me a minute" I respond taking my bag to the change rooms

As I put my stuff down and take off my boxing gloves I look in the mirror. I just sigh as I take my towel and some water to wash the blood off.

"Y/n are you in here" I turn around and see Jaden

"In here" I respond looking at him he immediately ran to me and cupped my face looking at all the cuts and bruises.

"Aww gorgeous your face is so beat up give me the towel" jaden said still cupping not face

"Jaden I can do it myself you know" I reply getting the towel and cleaning up my blood

He snatched it and told me to sit on the bench so he can wipe it as he helped me clean my face I went into a small and changes into comfy clothes for the car ride home.

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