Part 25

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Y/n pov***

Jaden hugged me he still cared. How... We haven't even talked at all for like a month I guess he really does like me doesn't he

Y/n: what's going to happen to me
Jessica: I'm well you're going to stay in the hospital for now because you have a concussion, and you might have to get surgery on your nose
I just shook my head and stared at the ceiling I can't believe this happened
Y/n: wait has my nan been told
Dj: yes y/n she is on her way home
Y/n: okay

I have been I hospital for about 4 days now and tomorrow I'm going home

I was watching tv awaiting for my lunch when my grandma walked in

Nan: Oh Hunny are you okay
Y/n: ye ye I'm fine just a scratch
Nan: haha ye totally

My nan took me home and as we were driving she started talking about me and jaden and my parents

Nan: so y/n you and jaden ha
Y/n: I'm ye what about us
Nan: you know what I mean what are yous
Y/n: I don't even know I miss him a lot and I I love him I guess but what he did us wrong u can forgive him but I don't think I can give him my trust through
Nan: I see I see well have in there hun oh and your parents
Y/n: what about them
Nan: they have paid the best lawyer and they might win the trial
Y/n: what
I say as I stare at her at the bridge of tears
Nan: I can't get a better lawyer because they sued me for taking you and I lost it. But I can't use it anymore I have to use it to pay bills and your school and stuff
Y/n: so you're giving up
Nan: no I mean it's hard and
Y/n: how they can't force me to go back there
Nan: that can I can't get full custody over you until they sign the documents

I just stared at her with tears porting down my face as I pull into the driveway I see jaden and javon playing basketball I staree a bit till jaden looked at me I looked him in the eyes for a bit and gave a faint smile

And went inside

Jaden pov***
I was playing basketball with javon and saw y/n pull up in her driveway with her grandma she back from the hospital

I ignored her and kept playing till she looked at me I looked back and she gave me a faint smile before walking inside I couldn't even return my smile is she, okay plus it looked like she had been crying

Javon: why was y/n crying
Jaden: I don't know

Should I go check up on her I miss her but what do I do

I highly doubt she hates me

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