Part 27

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Y/n pov***

I just stood there staring at him he didn't say anything he didn't move he just held eye contact

What do I do?...

Do I say I miss him to that I want to try again or do I just leave

Do I tell him he broke me

Do I tell him that I might go back to Australia

Do I tell him my parent might gain custody over me again

What do I do

I have so much going on and now this I'm at a lost

Y/n: Jaden I-I I'm sorry but I can't talk about this rn I'm sorry

I turn away to walk back to my house but he just grabbed my hand

Jaden: listen I care about you but you need to tell me when something going on or at least tell me why I can't get a proper answer please I need this I've been thinking about this for a while now

Y/n: Jaden it's nothing to do with you

Jaden: but
Y/n: Jaden stuffs going on in my life and I don't need to explain my self okay???

I pulled my arm away from him and walk away

As I was walking back to my house I got a call from my grandma

Nan: y/n I need you to come home immediately
Y/n: why what's wrong
NAn: I'll explain everything
Y/n: just tell me
Nan: you parents your parent used up all their savings to win the court case and it looks like you have to go back I'm so sorry hun
Y/n: what no hm not going back
Nan: yo have to
Y/n: Fuck that

I ended the call and threw my phone on the road what am I supposed to do now

To got on my skateboard and just rode not caring where I go

Grandmas pov ***

After I called y/n she hung up I could hear she was very upset about it and I told her she had to come home but she never did

So I called the Walton to see if she went there

Jessica: hello Jessica speaking
Mary: hey Jessica is Y/n with you guys
Jessica: hey mary um no I'm sorry she's not is everything okay
Mary: y/n has to go back to Australia and I told her she need to come home but never did
Jessica: I heard Jaden was with her but he's here with me
Mary: can you ask him when he saw her last
Jessica: ye sure thing Jaden when did you see y/n last
Jaden: I'm at the skatepark why
Mary: okay ill go there to see if she's there thank you

I hung up the phone and go in the car to go look were the hell this girl went

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