Part 20

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aahhhhhhhhh thank you so much for 10k I love yous sooo much if you have any suggestions pls comment

Narrator pov***

Y/n kept looking back to see if anyone was following her but no one was there. As she was walking down the street she quickly turned around again walking back to see if someone was behind a much it something but no one.

Y/n pov***
I swear someone is following me like... Or am I just paranoid I thought to myself

Jaden pov***
I saw y/n at the gym today she looked off and not herself. She hasn't been answering my texts or anything she doesn't even post on Instagram either.

So I decided to follow her and see who she lives with to make sure she was safe.

As I was following her she kept turning around. The whole time. She knew someone was following her maybe she'll think she was just paranoid.

As she was walking down the street she turn and went into the detection where the forest is. What the hell is she doing

As I was walking behind her she walked into this kind of driveway that looks old and this abandoned house. There is bow way she lives here.

I followed closely and begin and show her walking to the lake where there is a small treehouse it looks brand new she must have built it with her grandma.

Y/n pov***
As I unlocked the door and went side I was about to close it when someone pushed the door open it was jaden

Y/n: JADEN???
Jaden: y/n we need to talk
Y/n: no... No, I don't want to talk pls leave
Jaden: listen I'm not going anywhere until you answer my questions okay?
Y/n: fine
Jaden: first of all I didn't mean to cheat on you she kissed me
Y/n: what happened to your questions
Jaden: y/n focus she was drunk and I tried to push her if but you just came in and it was bad timing I promise
Y/n: jaden you really hurt me with my patent and this it's too much for me to handle
Jaden: I know I'm so sorry

He said looking down at the floor. You had tears in your eyes and you were about to speak but you felt a pair of lips touching yours.

They were soft and gentle you missed him so much jaden placed his hands on your waist and push me against the wall

Jaden: God I missed you
Y/n: I missed you to J

Jaden kissed y/n some more and made his way to her neck licking it to try to find her sweet spot he bit down just under her ear and y/n moaned
Jaden: found it he said with a chuckle

Jaden, Y/n moaned as his hands were tangled in his hair

Jaden looked up straight into y/ns eyes

Jaden: you've got beautiful blue eyes you know
Y/n: you're cute
Jaden: so does this mean we are still dating
Y/n: I don't know J let's go to bed and talk about us in the morning play?
Jaden: okay

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