Part 23

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As Jaden carried Y/n off the field Dj came running taking her out of his hands and rushing to check her face put

Dj: it looks like a broken nose but I'm going to take her to the hospital to make sure everything is okay
Jaden: can I come
Dj: ye you have to sit with her in the back. Jessica I'll meet you at the hospital
Jessica: okay ill get you there then

Dj rushed y/n to the hospital with her unconscious body in the back. As he parked the car outside the ER he grabbed y/n from the back and rushed in they took her away quickly after noticing her state.

Jadens pov***
I am so worried about y/n I could tell her nose was easily broken but her face was quite swollen plus the side that was up to bat was one of the best batters.

He hits the ball with a lot of power and at an amazing speed. Y/n didn't have enough time to act to catch the ball and boom straight to the face.

As we were waiting a Doctor came out and asked for the Waltons my dad said ye and he took him and my mum aside. Is it that bad???

Jayla's pov***
I was sitting next to Jaden and Javon with Dealo on my lap waiting for the Doctor he can't put and took my parents aside.

I could see jaden was worried he kept bouncing his leg showing his anxiety coming through Y/n did the same but it was a lot worse

Jessica pov***
We walked over to the doctor and he explained what happened
Doctor: so it shows that Y/n has a
sinus fracture, This is a break in one of the facial bones in the area of the frontal sinuses. She also has sustained a badly bruised eye and might be in a coma for a while due to the impact of the ball on her head.
Dj: so shell be okay so fat through right
Doctor: well we don't know yet we have to wait and see how her fracture heals
Jessica: And what will happen if the healing prospect doesn't do as planned
Doctor: well if her sinus fractures don't heal properly that can lead to a lifetime of sinus disease. As such, sinus issues should be treated by a facial plastic surgeon that has extensive training in sinus surgery as an otolaryngologist (ENT).

I looked at Dj with almost tears in my eyes
Dj: okay thank you
Doctor: I will notify you when you can go see her
Jessica: okay thank you

Jaden pov***
I saw my mum walk back with watery eyes
Jaden: what did he say
Jessica: well y/n has a sinus fracture and a bruised eye...
Javon: is that all
Dj: I'm well kids she is also in a coma
Jayla: what... For h- how long
Jessica: they don't know
Dj: they will come and let us know when we can go visit her

Jaden pov***
I can't believe what I was hearing I wanted to run to her and just hug her but can't

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