part 8

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I woke up first and checked my phone Jayla had texted me.

Jayla 🥰
Hey bae is jaden with
Ye, he's still sleeping

Okay that is mum was
Worried he hasn't calls
Her yet
Ofc he didn't alright ill see you soon ye

End of messages

I got up and moved jadens hand off around my waist and went downstairs

"Mornin nan" I say sleepily

"Hi hun, did you sleep well"

"Ye I did oh when my boxing match"

"It's in a couple of weeks you have to start training okay Y/n if you get far enough you can go to the finals in LA mkay," my grandma said looking up from her newspaper

I shook my head at her and went into the kitchen to make some hot chocolate. As I was waiting for the water to boil cold hands ran along with my waist I turned my head and notice it was jaden.

He hid his face in my neck and gave me feathery kisses along my jawline and ear.

I giggled at his actions and turned around and gave him a hug.

"Hey we have to go to your house your mum is worried sick Jaya told me," I say walking into my room

"Okay ilk get my stuff then we can head over ye" she says grabbing his stuff.

Time skip.......

We walked through the door and Jessica gave jaden a pep talk about letting her know where he was and why he didn't give her a call.

"Y/n your here" Jayla shoutes
"Haha I am oh by the way I have to tell you something" I whispered the last part to her

Jayla and I ran to her room and we sit on her bed.
"So what's the big secret," Jayla said as she lay down

"Okay so I like Jaden-" I said when she cut me off
"Wait what, when, for his long Y/N" she shouted
"Sshhh not so loud let me finish" I say as she looked so excited and listened closely
"So then we kinda started dating" I whispered not wanting her to be mad
"Wait what since when" she yelled
"For like 2 weeks now" I say quietly
"What and took didn't tell me" she yelled loudly again

Jayla's door burst open and Jaden ran in with Javon. Jaden came to me "Baby what happened are you ok I heard screaming" he said in a panic

"Baby" Javon said surprised
"Umm," I say stunned that Jaden said that out loud
"Yes I called her baby we are dating get over it," Jaden said as he held my face

"Jay I'm fine," I say moving my face out of his hands
"Are you sure"
"Yes well now that Jayla and Javon k ow that we are dating we should tell your parents" I say
"Ye your right we will tell them tonight" jaden said as he held my hand as I skilled at him

Jaden, Javon, Jayla and I went downstairs and asked his parents to wait I'm on the couch.
"Mum, Dad we have to tell you something very important," jaden said
"What is it Jaden," Jessica said
"I and Y/n are dating" jaden said holding my hand
"Aahh we are so happy for you two we know this was gonna happen soon" DJ and Jessica informed us

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