Character Information: Yuki Fujisaki

8.7K 291 195

Height: 5'11

Age: 15

Blood Type: AB

Weight: 120 pounds

Hair: Black, Short

Eyes: Green

Skin: Pale

Gender: Female


Inside: Sweet, short tempered, kind, otaku, loyal, protective, strong willed,humorous, childish/mature 

Outside: Mature, calm, strong, cool, sporty, quiet


Mom: To be revealed (Deceased)    

Dad: To be revealed (Deceased)

Adoptive Father: Ryoji/Ranka Fujioka (Alive)

Adoptive Sister: Haruhi Fujioka (Alive)

Likes: Anime/manga, pocky, chocolate, lolipops, stuffed animals, blue, basketball, family, her eyes, sports, stuffed toys, anything cute, and music

Dislikes: Raisins, pink, seeing people cry, bullying, people comparing the diference between genders, rain, cars,

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