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"Mommy, daddy?" A little girl called out to her parents but no one answered. She looked ahead where a car lay crashed onto a tree. She called out again.

"Mommy, daddy, where are you!" Hot tears started to form at the corner of her eyes, but she won't let them fall. She was scared and alone. Slowly, she walked towards the car that looked identical to her parent's own. She finally got to the vehicle and there lay her parents. Dead.

"M-mommy! D-daddy!" She tried to wake them up hoping that this was just an awful nightmare and that she would wake up soon.

Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop.

Her tears finally burst out and silently rolled down her now flushed cheeks. The girl couldn't take it anymore. She let out an anguished scream full of pain and sorrow. Her legs were giving out, she fell to her knees and her body trembled and shaked while she was sobbing uncontrollably.

That day, her birthday, Febuary 24, was the day her parents died and she turned 12. That day was also the day Yuki Fujisaki shut herself out from the world and closed her heart to anyone who would enter.

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