Me Honey-Senpai's Jungle Adventure!

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Hey guys! I'm so so so so sorry that I haven't posted a chapter in two weeks. I kinda had a writers block and something also came up. To make it up to you guys, I'll be making the next chapter longer than usual. I hope you guys enjoy this!

Tamaki pointed a finger in the air.

"Guys, we're going after Honey-senpai!" Tamaki exclaimed.

"This pool is the shortest way!" He said, pointing at the pool.

"CHARGE!" Everyone started running to where he pointed except for Kyoya.

"Oh, that way is..."

Everyone started running away from the alligators that were chasing after them.


"Okay, the pool is out," Tamaki pointed a different way.

"Let's take that route!" An alligator was standing beside him.

"They're here too!"

The twins, Haruhi, and Tamaki panted as they looked at the large amount of alligators.

Haruhi and Tamaki mumbled something.

"Those pools are the tropical area. I guess it is dangerous to let the alligators run loose," Kyoya said, clicking his pen after he wrote in his notebook. The light was reflecting off of his glasses, "Although, it's the current pool's switch location that's the problem here. I'll have to speak to the designers."

Kyoya smiled at them.

"I have to thank you. I've gotten some good data here," He stated.

"For what!?" Everyone screamed, minus Mori and Kyoya.

'Guinea Pigs?'


The hosts were now standing in front of a map of the water park.

Kyoya explained where they were and the routes they could take as Haruhi and the twins added in some things that could go wrong.

Tamaki gained a determined face as he clenched his fists.

"All right! This is a survival mission! We have to safely penetrate this jungle area, and rescue Honey-senpai!" He shouted.


Everyone looked at Haruhi who had a distressed expression.

"Where's Yuki!?" She shouted.

Yuki's POV (A/n: Yay! First POV!)

"..u-chan! Yuu-chan! Wake up, Yuu-chan!"

I groaned as I heard a voice trying to wake me up.

"Five more minutes..."

Then, suddenly, the person started shaking me. I groaned again and straightened up.

"Okay! Okay! I'm up! Gosh, can't a person have some sleep here..." I mumbled the last part.

"Ne, Yuu-chan, do you know where we are?" I looked at the person who said that. Honey-senpai was looking at me with big, innocent eyes.

I snapped my drowsy eyes wide open as I looked around.

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