Emotionless (Ouran Highschool Host Club Fanfic)

Emotionless (Ouran Highschool Host Club Fanfic)

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inactive By TheAwesomeOfOtaku Updated Aug 21, 2016

Yuki Fujisaki.
On the inside she's sweet, loyal, protective, a tomboy, and an otaku. But what she shows on the outside is that she is emotionless, cold, cool, calm, quiet, and sporty. Yuki is Haruhi Fujioka's long time best friend and adopted sister, they know each other inside out. Haruhi and her dad are the only people she shows emotion to. 

But what happens when she meets the Ouran Highschool Host Club? Will all that change?

Warning: There will be some swearing.

Disclaimer ('cause I have to?): I do not own any of the pictures used in this story, nor do I own OHSHC!

Story also on Fanfiction.net under my name TheAwesomnessOfOtakon

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If that happen to me i would not celibate my birthday any more
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This is already a great story!! Keep going ! PS I don't usually comment but this story is good from the beginning!😍😘
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This made me remember Juvia and Im writing this when the comments hadn't loaded yet....
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