The Sun, The Sea...and My Emotions...(2)

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"This place said to be a paranormal place," Hikaru said. Haruhi, Yuki, the twins, and their customers were walking in a dark cave. "The locals don't even come here very often."

"It's a cave that only shows itself at low tide," Kaoru added. "So far, they say that a lot of people drowned down here. They say that their souls still linger, taking revenge on anyone who passes by," He said, making the guests tremble in fear.

"What's that there!?" Hikaru suddenly shouts, pointing at a figure behind a rock. The 'ghost' laughed evilly, eyes glowing purple.

The girls screamed (except for Haruhi and Yuki).

Behind the two cross-dressing girls, a skeleton hand appeared on Haruhi's shoulder. Yuki quickly karate-chopped it, causing the hand to break.

"What is this? A test of courage or something?" Haruhi asked Kaoru as Yuki wiped the non-existing sweat from her forehead. She thought it was real, man!

"Aren't you two afraid of ghosts?" Hikaru questioned, holding the flashlight to his face while holding the fake ghost.

"I've never seen one," Haruhi stated. "Yeah," Yuki said, agreeing.

Paranormal terror line of attack failed.


"Haru-chan, Yuu-chan! Over here! Over here!" Honey yelled.

"Um..." The two girls looked at the huge truck behind Honey and Kyoya's police force.

"Is this thing even allowed on the beach?" Haruhi asked.

Yuki shrugged and they suddenly ended up being in the truck with Honey.

"Okay, private police people, if you please!" Honey bowed. The police men saluted back. "Yessir!"

The doors shut closed.

"It's dark, confined, and scary!" Honey shouted the same sentence over and over again.

"Honey-senpai..." Yuki walked somehow walked over to him in the dark and patted his head, trying to calm him down.

"Chill out, Honey-senpai."

Closed, dark space terror line of attack failed.


"This is a harpoon, right? Mori-senpai?" Yuki tried to touch the end of it, but Mori moved it away from their faces.

"Yeah," Mori said dejectedly.

Sharp point terror line of attack failed.


"This game is useless, huh?" Hikaru said. "Ah...I'm getting bored," Kaoru stated. They were watching Haruhi as she went to collect shellfish again. They didn't know where Yuki was.

One of the twins were just about to say something again when they felt a tap on their shoulders.

"Can I sit here?" Yuki asked.

Hikaru and Kaoru looked at each other and shrugged. "Sure."


The three turned around to look at Tamaki. He was looking for something that was hiding in a bush.


"What are you doing?"

He picked up a bucket and showed it to them.

"Rat snakes! Having this many together must be icky, right?" Tamaki asked. Yuki silently raised an eyebrow. What is he doing? She thought.

"Anyone would find those unpleasant. That's not a weakness. Then again, does Okinawa even have rat snakes?" Hikaru questioned.

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