First Day Of Hosting

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"What?" Yuki asked tilting her head slightly. The hosts were in awe. 'He' was truly gorgeous. The twins stared at her wide eyed.

Why is my heart beating fast? Kaoru thought, subconsciously putting his hand on his heart.

Tch. So what if Yuki's pretty? I look way better, Thought Hikaru, but he knew he was just lying to himself, this guy was in a whole new different level of good looks.

Meanwhile Honey was burying his face in his stuffed bunny, he didn't want anybody to see him with his face as red as a tomato. Next to him Mori and Kyoya both had a small blush that was barely noticeable. Tamaki, who was standing in front of Yuki and Haruhi, was squealing with a red face saying, "They're so cute!"

They were snapped out of their thoughts by Haruhi's voice. "Hello?" She said, Yuki beside her with a slightly confused face.

Suddenly, they all cleared their throats and straightened up, blushes fading.

Tamaki then pointed at the (unintentionally) cross-dressing girls and everything was back to normal (well, as normal as things can get).

"The errand boys have graduated! Starting today, you two are now official members of the host club! I will train you to become first-rate hosts. If you get 100 customers to request you, we will forget about your eight million yen debt," He said. 

"Hosts?" The girls were in shock, one being in more disbelief than the other, though nobody noticed.

0o0o0o0o0o [Yuki And Haruhi Now Open For Business!] o0o0o0o0

"Haruhi, what hobbies do you have?"

"Yuki, your eyes are beautiful!"

"Do you do anything special to your skin?"

"It's really pretty."

Haruhi twitched in disbelief and Yuki, well, she was a bit too annoyed (she didn't show it though, ofc). 

Haruhi was kind of embarrassed by the stares she and Yuki would get while they were in class while on the other hand, Yuki simply didn't care. They both didn't know what to do and Yuki had no intention in talking anyway.

"Yuki, Haruhi, why did you join the host club?" Their guests asked simultaneously.

The two girls both suddenly remembered that if they got a hundred customers, the hosts will forget about their debt.

Haruhi knew just how to start.

"I see.. your mother passed away ten years ago, after being sick, and Yuki lost his parents in a car crush?" One girl questioned.

"So who does the chores in your house?" Another asked.

Haruhi turned to her with a smile. "Ah, my mother was good at cooking, when my mom was in the hospital she gave me lots of recipes, and when Yuki came along we would take turns cooking," Haruhi explained. Yuki nodded.

"Yeah, back when I was six my parents would teach me how to cook, and when they died I continued cooking at the orphanage. When Haruhi and her father adopted me, I was grateful and I did the house chores with Haruhi to show my gratitude" She added with a sad look in her eyes but that was all.

"Um..could we request you two tomorrow?" Their guests asked with red faces. Haruhi nodded with a smile making them go red even more. Yuki felt happy, they actually can pay the debt back! She felt so grateful that she kissed one guest on the cheek (a/n: Yuki getting some action here ;)).

The girl blushed and squealed along with other guests.

"They're popular right from the start, a real natural" Kyoya stated to the twins and Tamaki who were watching the two girls.

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