My Fun, New Character! *Sarcasm Intended*

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The Next Day

"I've thought all about it last night, and maybe having a lady manager might not be all that bad."

The host club was having a meeting. They were all sitting on the couches around a table as Tamaki talked.

"Why is that?" The twins asked simultaneously.

"Don't you see? Renge has transferred into the same class as Haruhi and Yuki. If they all become friends as girls, both Haruhi and Yuki might turn more girlish." Tamaki stated, he was daydreaming again.

"Good grief," Haruhi let out an exasperated sigh. Yuki actually rolled her eyes.

"This is a grand-scale project to turn Haruhi and Yuki more girly!" Tamki pointed at the twins.

"Only having these two disreputable twins as close classmates, isn't good for both of them." The twins tilted their head with an annoyed look.

"That's telling us..." The club doors opened behind them. Renge was poking her head in.

"People, your host club manager has baked you some cookies!" She exclaimed.

"Oh, how lady like! I'm so moved!" Tamaki dramatically posed in front of their so-called 'manager'.

Renge's smile dropped as she looked at him in disgust. "I didn't bake them for you, phony prince."

That made Tamaki depressed as he went to his little corner.

"They're a little bit burnt, but I know what you're going to say Kyoya." Yuki raised an eyebrow at her as the girl started fangirling.

"You're right, these are burnt." Honey was holding a cookie in his hand when Mori walked up to him. "Mitsukuni, throw those away, they aren't good for you." He said.

Renge gained a tick mark on her head as her hair started to rise and look like snakes. "She's scaring me!" Mori carried his cousin as they both started to run from (Medusa) Renge.

Haruhi sweatdropped as she looked at them. Then, she and Yuki looked at the cookies that was in Haruhi's hand and took one.

They both bit into it as both of the girls had thoughtful looks. "These aren't bad, they're savory too." Haruhi stated while Yuki nodded.

They're pretty good, but mine and Haruhi's cooking is better, She thought.

Suddenly, the twins had mischievous expressions as they had an idea.

Hikaru lifted Haruhi's chin up. "Let me see..." He took a bite of the cookie that was in her mouth and snapped a chunk of it off.

Kaoru then walked up to and spun her head to look at him. Yuki had a murderous glint in her eye as she looked at Haruhi and Hikaru.

"Oh Yuki, you have cookie crumbs on your face," He licked Yuki's cheek. Disgusting, Yuki wiped her face with one eye twitching.

Tamaki snapped out of his depressed state as he pointed at the twins with an enraged look.

"Before they realized it, the group of 4 classmates have grown closer." Kyoya narrated.

"If you'd just say so, Yuki cold get them off herself, and if you wanted some cookies, there's plenty of them." Haruhi stated as the twins were grinning.

"Y-y-your reaction is all wrong! This is where you're supposed to rebuff them and casually brush them aside!" Tamaki yelled while grabbing her face.

"Please stop sexually harassing me, senpai." Haruhi said. Yuki sighed at that.

Haruhi, you are oblivious as ever.

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