Jungle Pool SOS? What The Heck?

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Hey guys! The video above has nothing to do with the chapter, I just thought I'd put it there because dudes, THIS. SONG. IS. AWESOME! I love this song so much. This is the nightcore version, meaning it's not the original one and it sounds different. The music and lyrics are the same.

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Yuki inwardly pouted. She couldn't go to the Host Club the past two days because she had a cold and the Hosts left her out on something! Apparently, there was a kid demanding to be Tamaki's apprentice or some shiz like that.

Yuki sighed. Oh well. At least she was better now. But something confused Yuki. She hadn't gotten a cold in years.

Hmm..maybe it's because of the Host Club and their annoying (but cute, she wasn't going to admit that) antics..

She looked around. Also, why the heck is she in a freaking-ly huge water park-looking place!?

"Am I dreaming? This is Japan. There are't supposed to be any tropics here," She heard Haruhi mumble as her adoptive sister looked at the sky.

Tamaki suddenly appeared and each placed a hand on a eye-twitching Yuki and a big-eyed Haruhi.

"Look, Haruhi, Yuki, there are birds from the south tropics here," He said, sparkling and head growing bigger. Some birds chirped.

"Pretty aren't they? I wonder what they're called," Haruhi cut him off.

"Where's the exit again?" If Yuki didn't have an emotionless facade then she would've burst out laughing.


Yuki tuned out Tamaki as he started talking about things that she REALLY didn't care about. She tapped on Haruhi's shoulder.

"Where are we?" Yuki whispered. Haruhi sighed.

"I don't know. I just want to study, and we need to do laundry today," She replied.

Flashback! A little while earlier...

3:38 PM.

Yuki and Haruhi were walking calmly until the twins appeared and grabbed them on either side. The two linked their arms together.

"Abduction..." Kaoru said,

"...Complete!" Said Hikaru as Haruhi yells out confusedly.

A black limo appeared, stopping in front of the four. The window rolled down, revealing Tamaki. He wore flowers around his neck and sunglasses.

"Alright, take them in," He said.

"Roger!" Tamaki rolled up his window again.

"Just a minute. No!" Haruhi screams as she and Yuki get dragged away. Yuki sweatdropped. The limo drove away.

(Note: Yuki is afraid of cars, NOT limos.)

End Of Flashback!

"This a theme park that the Ohtori Groups runs, 'Tropical Aqua Garden.'" Kyoya said, holding a mojito.

Haruhi and Yuki turned their heads to look at him.

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