Those Stupid Twins!!

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Next Day..

"Haruhi!" The whole class turned to the door in shock. Hikaru was standing at the door with flamingo pink hair. Yuki felt her eyebrow twitch.

Seriously!? It has to be pink!?

"Good morning," Hikaru said as he walked towards Haruhi.

Now he's ignoring me!? That little- Okay people, let's not go into Yuki's mind further.

"Hikaru? What's up with your hair? Why is it pink?" Asked Haruhi.

Yeah, Hikaru. What's up with your idiotic hair? Yuki thought. Oh, how much she wanted to say this out loud, but she had to keep her emotionless facade going.

Hikaru smiled.

"It looks good on me. Isn't it cute? Starting today, I'm the pink-haired twin," He said cheerfully.

"I couldn't bear being mistaken for Kaoru any longer," Just as he was saying that, Kaoru came through the door. He walked up to Yuki.

"Good morning, Yuki," He said. Yuki glanced at him and nodded in acknowledgment.

"Morning," She said back.

"Kaoru, you went with blue," Haruhi stated.

Kaoru sat on the desk next to Yuki. "Last night I had the rare chance to gracefully sleep by myself," Hikaru started walking to the desk next Haruhi and sat down. "But I had a bad dream. You see, my was died pink...," Kaoru continued as Hikaru gained a tick mark. "...of the most garish shade, in this dream I was having," He said. Yuki nodded.

"I would be mildly horrified too if I had a dream like that," She stated. (remember, she hates the color pink?)

Kaoru sat down on his chair, but Hikaru pushed his chair back, making him fall to the ground.

Haruhi and Kaoru sweatdropped.

Kaoru slowly turned his head to Hikaru, who was facing the front. While he was still on the ground, Kaoru knocked the chair, that Hikaru was sitting on, down.

Kaoru gained a glint in his eye.

They both stood up and looked at each other in the eye.

They started throwing random stuff at each other. Yuki watched them with a raised eyebrow as she and Haruhi sat in the middle. Haruhi had stress lines on her face as she faced the front.

Sometime while the twins were throwing stuff at each other, Honey's Usa-chan went into the mix, causing Honey to go right after it and also join in.

Haruhi slumped down at her desk.


It was already noontime. Haruhi and Yuki, along with the twins, were now in the refectory about to eat their meals.

"The A lunch," The twins said simultaneously.

"On second thought, the B pasta and the D salad!" Everyone who was watching, sweatdropped.

The twins continued ordering thing in unison. Their voices rising at each order.

They both gained tick marks on their faces as they leaned into each other.

"Stop copying me!" They said angrily.

"I just told you not to copy me, didn't I!?" They shouted.

Haruhi and Yuki were watching the argument silently. "Amazing. They're fighting in harmony," She said lamely.

"I thought it was getting messy in here," They both heard Tamaki's voice.

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