Chapter 1

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Yuki woke up panting and breathing hard. She tried to calm her breathing, and it eventually went back to normal. Yuki sighed. It was that dream again. The day her parents died. She vigorously shook her head and lightly slapped her cheeks. Yuki, don't think of that! Calm down!

She heard a knock. "Come in" She saw Haruhi come in. Haruhi was wearing her father's shirt, some pants, and her grandfather's old glasses. To be blunt, she looked bad.

"Haruhi, what are you wearing?" Yuki asked her voice monotone with slight amusment and disdain of the outfit.

"Dad's shirt and grandpa's glasses, why?" Yuki laughed lightly, surprising Haruhi a little. She doesn't laugh a lot.

"Nothing, what are you doing here anyway?" Yuki questioned with a raised eyebrow. Haruhi shrugged." It's time to go to school, dress up Yuki." Yuki nodded and got dressed in a black hoodie, black finger less gloves, and blue jeans with converse shoes. Once she got out of her room she put the hood of the hoodie over top her head, covering most of her except for her mouth.


"You'd think that out of four libraries there has to be one quiet one" Haruhi muttered. Yuki nodded a little at the comment. They (Haruhi) were looking for a quiet place to study and all the libraries they've went to were noisy. Not a place to study.

They stopped at one of the many tall windows of the huge pink school.There were some birds flying outside.

As she looked outside Yuki was thinking to herself. Mom, dad, how are you up there? It's been 4 years since you've died and I've missed you guys so much. I've been adopted by these kind people and I know I can trust them. They mean a lot to me and I'll protect them with my life. Mommy, daddy why'd you have to die? A lone tear cascaded down her cheek and she quickly wiped it off. Haruhi saw this.

"Yuu, are you okay?" She asked with eyebrows furrowed and concern written on her face. Yuki smiled at her, she used her nickname. " I'm fine Haru."

They climbed a flight of stairs and saw a room that said the third music room. It was abandoned. Yuki and Haruhi looked at each other and shrugged. They Both opened the door.

"Welcome!" Several voices rang out.

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