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Royal Glass Hearts: Immortal Secrets {A Reverse Harem Romance} by renaewrightwrites
Royal Glass Hearts: Immortal Renae Wright
Five immortal males. One heir to the Glass Throne. One huge secret. It should have been as simple as Kira laying low and not drawing attention to herself at the Academ...
  • vampire
  • royalty
  • love
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High school! Reverse Harem x reader by White_Rabbit19
High school! Reverse Harem x readerby Bunny~chan
Slow updates! Requests for types of guys are open! Welcome to Akai Bara High! You are the new scholarship student and might I add the only scholarship student! Oh but...
  • variousendings
  • reverseharem
  • requests
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Forgotten by ladybugtastic
Forgottenby ladybugtastic
A reverse harem themed werewolf story. When Alex moved from New York to Oregon, she started dreaming of five wolves. She thought it was just something else her brain had...
  • reverseharem
  • werewolves
Dating the bad boys.  by LMDFord
Dating the bad boys. by Lauren Ford
One girl, four boys. Reverse harem. Ever heard of one of those days? You know the one. One minute your just minding your own business, getting on with life, being a wall...
  • highschool
  • happilyeverafter
  • violence
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We Are NOT Friends by CryinOutLoud
We Are NOT Friendsby Sophie
When running away from her idiotic brothers, lazy and anti-social Adeline unfortunately gets run over by a truck. She gets reincarnated into an otome game called Ever Sk...
  • reverseharem
  • school
  • reincarnation
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When Night Comes by xohrats
When Night Comesby ❝K H A O S❞
"I drink the blood of my enemies, with pleasure." In this world of magic and gods, a girl will defy the seasons, a prince will defy his people, and a god will...
  • mythology
  • action
  • royalty
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Hearts Aflame by rectangular_smile
Hearts Aflameby BBH.
Having male werewolves for best friends isn't really that much different from having human male best friends. They're rowdy, annoying, perverted; and overprotective. Min...
  • jongin
  • comedy
  • junmyeon
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She's Romeo Alright! by belizema
She's Romeo Alright!by belizema
Being brought up as a guy by her father, Brooke Adams is your typical handsome player... only that she's the prince of her all girl's school and has been nicknamed "...
  • belizema
  • reverseharem
  • shesromeoalright
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Birdie & The Dogs by GBsang
Birdie & The Dogsby GBsang
They never came back, so she left. Follow Sang's crazy ride through college with the Overton football team.
  • academy
  • victor
  • forgiveness
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My Pets?! by animeprincess66
My Pets?!by Hana Aikawa
Threne Miley Whitefield is an animal lover ever since she's still a child. She love animals that much that whenever she saw a stray cat or dog on the street,she would br...
  • love
  • pets
  • reverseharem
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Ruin Me by albychapman
Ruin Meby Alby
Kings Bridge Boys Book One After her beloved mothers untimely death, Cara Collins, an independent, sassy, smart ass girl from Vegas is forced to go and live with her dad...
  • teenfiction
  • rich
  • grief
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Reborn: Runaway Bride by cruxifiedwitch
Reborn: Runaway Brideby ...
In her past life, Ai Shizuka loved Jin Omaru with all her heart and had done everything she could to keep him by her side. Yet her life tragically ended when her own hus...
  • wuxia
  • anime
  • villain
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THE LOST CAUSE BAR #wattys2017 by Ash-tree
THE LOST CAUSE BAR #wattys2017by Christine Wellhouse
Delaney, a woman despairing over unreliable people, leaves everything behind for a night. Her sights are set on leaving the area but her dream, of owning and running som...
  • alcohol
  • strong
  • bartender
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Alpha Without a Pack... by Puppies59
Alpha Without a Puppies59
She was born to lead a pack, but she's just starting her journey to freedom and family... Sidney Blake never expected to ever be free. For years she's been bounced aroun...
  • rescue
  • strongfemalelead
  • twelveguys
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A Cat's Love [X Reader] by Cute_And_Sweet_Candy
A Cat's Love [X Reader]by Cute_And_Sweet_Candy
In a world where cat people are something that you can buy with large amount of money, everyone considered (Y/N) (L/N) to be one of the luckiest person to have owned, no...
  • xreader
  • love
  • catboys
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Unexpected Changes by Ailasweetener
Unexpected Changesby Aila
I have reincarnated into the otome game that I used to play in my old life, 'Shining Love'. It was my favourite game but the only problem is that I've been reincarnated...
  • reincarnation
  • capturetargets
  • reincarnationstory
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[|•|★Im Only A Mob Character ★|•|] by Ruimare-Chan
[|•|★Im Only A Mob Character ★|•|]by Ruimare-Chan
Hey! Rui here with my FIRST book. Hope you enjoy~♥! Kinda it's a re-write! Lily. An orphan all her life until she got adopted by a man. The man was a mad scientist and d...
  • reincarnation
  • beautifulprotagonist
  • bl
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MIRA : Reincarnated as the Antagonist's Elder Sister [CURRENTLY EDITTING] by DannniCattt
MIRA : Reincarnated as the DannniCattt
I was the most feared genius assasin in the 21st Century. with IQ of 550 and godlike skills techniques... killing me is impossible ,yet I want to do a facepalm for my s...
  • overpowerfemaleprotagonist
  • otome-game
  • xianxi
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The Sorrow that Happens by ShannonErwin6
The Sorrow that Happensby Shannon Erwin
Seventeen-year-old Clara Anders is a "normal" girl. A girl that was safeguarded and led a very sheltered life. That was until a terrifying and pivotal night ch...
  • ranch
  • cowboy
  • southkorea
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Fated Lovers  by RaveMaster16
Fated Lovers by RaveMaster16
The famous truck-san strikes again and the victim is a wayward girl named Rosellie Brighton. She manages to get reincarnated into nosebleeding inducing otome game and to...
  • reverseharem
  • romance
  • magic
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