Host? Wait. What!?

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The vase fell to the ground with a loud 'CRASH'. Broken glass was scattered everywhere. Yuki was frozen. Haruhi twitched in disbelief. Everything was silent, until the twins spoke.

"Ahh.." They said looking at the broken pieces.

"This flower vase was our target for the school auction" Kaoru said.

"That's not good" Hikaru said picking up one piece of broken glass. "And we thought we could get the starting bid at eight million yen."

"EIGHT MILLION YEN?" Haruhi shrieked. In her mind, Yuki was ripping her hair out, she was having trouble trying to keep herself from doing that in the real world. OH. MY. KAMI. EIGHT MILLION YEN!? WE'RE DOOMED!

"How many thousands are in eight million?" Haruhi used her fingers to count, aggravated.

"U-um, about paying for this..." Haruhi started, "With that money? You can't even buy a proper school uniform," The twins said.

Haruhi flinched and if Yuki didn't spend all these years practicing to keep it in,she would've done so too. But of couse she didn't flinch in the slightest, like hell I'll show fear to these idiots!

Kyoya came up and picked up another broken piece lying on the floor. "What should we do about this Tamaki?" He asked the king. Tamaki looked at them.

"Well, you heard the Romans," He started, Yuki knew what was coming up, and she was dreading it. "When in Rome, do what the Romans do, you two have to pay with your body" Tamaki said with a dark face, pointing at them with his index finger.

"Starting today, you two are now the host club's dogs!" At that Yuki felt like she was going to faint, but she had to stay strong for Haruhi.

Meanwhile, Haruhi turned as white as a sheet and actually fainted. She fell to the ground and Yuki quickly rushed to her. Honey walked up to Haruhi and started poking her. Mom, Dad, it's horrible. We've been forced to work as the host's club dog by this wierd bunch.

"Poke, poke,poke," He said. Yuki started shaking her gently to wake her up. Haruhi glanced at her and then looked up at the ceiling. "Please tell me this is just one, crazy, nightmare" She mumbled.

Yuki shook her head. I wish, she thought.

o0o0o0o0 [The Host Club Is Now OPEN!] o0o0o0o0o

Several tables were arranged in the room, each occupied by multiple girls.

One table in particular though was probably where most of the girls sat at. A red velvet couch was in front of the table and sitting in it was the one and only, Tamaki Suoh, who was flirting with the ladies.

"Tamaki, what kind of music do you like?" One of them asked. He smiled. "The tune that reminds me of you, of course." Ew, cheesy.

"I baked cake today, would you have some for me?" Another asked as Tamaki lifted her chin up. "Only if you feed it to me," He replied. "Oh, Tamaki" She blushed and swooned at him.

"Tamaki, I heard you were keeping stray little kittens?" A beautiful girl sitting right next to him asked.

"I wouldn't say kittens, more like..." As if on cue, Haruhi and Yuki came in, holding grocery bags. "Oh, speak of the devils."

"Thanks for shopping for us, little piglets" He winked at them.

"P-piglet?" Haruhi mumbled while Yuki tilted her head slightly in question.

Tamaki held up instant coffee in a jar. "So, what's this then?" He looked confused along with everyone else. They were looking at it like it was some type of alien.

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