Lobelia Girls' Yuri Academy!

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"Huh? You mean there are no afternoon classes today?" Haruhi asked.

"Oh, you didn't know? For these two days, today and tomorrow, the whole school is holding an exposition for the cultural clubs," One of Haruhi's fans say.

"Drama clubs and choral clubs from other schools have been invited. It's an annual event that we hold."

"Hmmm," Yuki, who had been listening, replied.

"Eh? You've never had any?" Behind them, the twins shouted at Renge in bewilderment. "It's the preferred drink among the whole Host Club right now," Hikaru stated. "If you call yourself the manager, then you have to drink it," Kaoru said, crossing his arms.

Yuki glanced at them. Man, they sure are loud, she thought.

For some reason, Renge looked a bit flustered. 

"I've heard of instant coffee before," She was dabbing a handkerchief on her face. "Ah, it's that one item, right? You know, the stuff where you buy the beans that are already ground?" The twins cross their arms, forming an X.


"That's completely different. Instant coffee doesn't have the slightest trace of the bean remaining. You just mix the powder with hot water, and then drink it like that," Hikaru said.

"It's an incredible product." Yuki rolled her eyes at that. Kaoru was overreacting. "You see, it's coffee, and yet there is absolutely no robustness to it."

They suddenly made a pose. "Still, it's strangely satisfying-" Yuki diverted her attention elsewhere. She didn't want to listen to that conversation no more and the author was getting lazy writing all that talking stuff.

"Haruhi, go buy some," The twins ordered, each putting a hand on Haruhi's shoulder.

"Why?" Yuki asked.

The twins stopped annoying Haruhi and turned to her.

"We've run out of stock for instant coffee," They simply stated. "You could go with her if you want, Yuki." And suddenly, the two cross-dressing girls found themselves at the door.

"Come back safely!" They yelled, waving their own handkerchiefs at them rather dramatically.

"But wait! Isn't the cultural clubs' exposition starting soon?" Haruhi asked.

"It's free participation, so if you're not interested, you don't have to go," They exclaimed cheerfully. "Anyway, you guys should get going soon! Shoo!"

Haruhi wobbled out the door with Yuki beside her. "Damn these rich people..." They sighed. 

"For crying out loud they can't even buy their own instant coffee," Haruhi said just as two Host Club guests walked out. "Still, Hikaru and Kaoru both seem to be enjoying themselves." They said.

"And that's all thanks to you two!" Yuki tilted her head a bit. "All thanks to us?" The guests nodded.

"We've been in the same class as them since middle school, but they've never been as friendly with the rest of the class as they are now. It's like they never let anyone get too close. I don't think the two of them liked school very much," One of the girls explained. "I wonder if it was because of the Host Club? They seem to be opening up and talking to us more, little by little." 

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