The Twins Are Fighting?

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"Let's play the 'Which one is Hikaru?' game!" The twins exclaimed, standing on each other's side wearing identical green hats on their heads'.

Their guests gigged excitedly.

"Now then, can you tell which one is Hikaru?" The twins simultaneously exclaimed.

"Oh, this is really hard," One customer said.

"Yeah, they look so much alike," Said another.

Hikaru and Kaoru lifted a finger in unison with smug looks on their faces. "There has never been a girl who could tell us apart," They said.

"What a ridiculous game," Haruhi said, walking by and holding some books.

"Yeah." Today, Yuki's being more talkative (well, as talkative as she can get when she's all emotionless). Probably because she has a whole pack of pocky and lolipops.

The twins turned to them, faces bored.

"Huh? Is there something you don't like about it?" They said.

Haruhi and Yuki turned around to face them.

"It's not just that. I can't figure out why you two are so popular," She said.

"Yeah, why are you popular?" Yuki said, agreeing with her sister.

"Apparently, Haruhi and Yuki don't understand..." The twins were now at either side of them as Hikaru spoke.

When did they get here!? Yuki thought.

"...what the merits of having twins in the Host Club," Kaoru finished.

Hikaru lifted up a finger.

"Listen here. Just having a couple of homosexual twins in the Host Club earns plenty of high points. It also helps if the two struggle between friendship and attraction. But in our case, being twins, we get to use this most forbidden of taboos as a weapon," He stated.

Hikaru lifted one of their customer's chin.

"On top of that, there's a scenario of having two people, who have such deep ties for each other, love you at the same time," He added.

"It's the ultimate young woman's romance, right?" Kaoru said, grabbing the same customer's chin too.

The poor guest started to stutter with a blush on her face.

"I can't bear anymore!" She said, turning into a chibi version of herself with angel wings and hearts in her eyes as the other guests squealed.

The twins smirked.

Yuki had an idea that almost made her smirk. "Hey, Haruhi, do you want to show the twins that we're much better than them?" She whispered to Haruhi.

Haruhi smirked and nodded.

"We can do your little act just as good as you guys," She said, catching the twin's attention.

The twins laughed mockingly. "Oh yeah?" They said.

"Haruhi, do you want some pocky?" Yuki said. Haruhi (fake) blushed cutely.

"But Yuki, I don't like-mmph," Haruhi was cut off when Yuki gently put one in her lips.

The guests squealed at the sight that lay before them.

Yuki had the other end of the pocky in her mouth.

"Yuki, I thought you said you were hungry?" Haruhi said, her big doe eyes falsely widened. (How she talked with something in her mouth is beyond me)

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