The Job Of A Highschool Host

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"You are forgiven Mr.Fujisaki, you may go now" Yuki sighed, she didn't deserve detention! She was just trying to protect one of her guests from being assaulted by a pervert! Oh well, what's done is done.

Yuki looked at the clock on the wall. Shoot! I'm late for the host club!

Yuki started running down the halls when she ran into Haruhi, who was now running along side her.

"You're late too?" Yuki questioned. Haruhi nodded.

"I got caught up in studying, ehehe..."She answered, smiling sheepishly. "What about you?" She asked.

"Beat up a pervert for trying to attack a guest,"Yuki said.

They reached music room three and opened the doors.

Haruhi twitched. There, they saw a tropical paradise. Literally.

"Where are we?" Haruhi asked. "I think..we're in the club room" Yuki replied.

"Welcome" The seven attractive guys said. Mom, dad, this is the club Haruhi and I were forced to join last week, the host club.

A bird landed on Haruhi's head. Yuki looked at the bird curiously, and mentally cooed at how cute it was.


"Oh, it's just Haruhi and Yuki" Said the twins.

Haruhi brought out a calendar and both her and Yuki looked at it. "It's definitely still early April," She whispered to Haruhi who nodded.

"Huddling under the kotatsu table, fearing the cold would be nonsense!" Tamaki hugged himself. (Don't worry people, this is a normal occurance)"Why else do we have this heating and cooling system?" He said dramatically, posing.

"Do you have some criticism towards our clubs policies? Haruhi, Yuki, you owe us eight million yen," Kyoya warned.

"Fine men do not bundle up in bulky clothing. It may be a chilling early spring out in the world, but in our club, we welcome the chilly little kittens to our warm south tropical aura" Tamaki struck another pose. Seriously, what's with all the poses?

Yuki tuned Tamaki out as he talked about how today the club is 'a hot island of everlasting summer', she heard Haruhi say "That's funny because I feel a massive chill coming down my spine"

Yuki mentally chuckled at that. They're so funny..

0o0o0o0o0o[The Host Club Is Now Open For Business!]o0o0o0o0o0

"Even with my lustrous skin like ivory, and my outfit like that of a Balinese king, all too fitting for me, I am no more than a slave to my beautiful goddess, kneeling and swearing my loyalty." Tamaki was once again flirting with his guests, with all the girls blushing madly and swooning.

Haruhi and Yuki walked away from his table after serving drinks.

"Oh yes, our host club will be having a dance party this week" Yuki and Haruhi heard Tamaki say to his guests.

"A dance party?" They then both looked at Hikaru and Kaoru's table. "What will you be doing at the dance party?" The girls at their table asked.

"We're renting the big hall in the central building..." Hikaru started, "..and throwing a big event there," Finished Kaoru.

"Although I wanted to spend my time along with you Kaoru," Hikaru said grabbing his twin's chin. Kaoru sighed dreamily. Kyaaaaa!

"Don't say that Hikaru, you know I want that the most" Their guest squealed happily. "Brotherly love with a south tropical flavour!" They screamed.

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