Host Club?

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Innocent petals started to blow in their faces, one "accidentally" getting into Yuki's mouth and lodging itself in her throat. Get out you stupid petal!  

Yuki, at this very moment, almost broke her facade because of a mere pedal that she so desperately wanted to claw out. After about 10 seconds it finally got out and suddenly Yuki felt exhausted. Oh my kami, I don't ever want to go into this room again, it's gonna be the death of me! She thought. 

Suddenly realizing there were other occupants in the room other than her and Haruhi, decided to turn her attention to them. And fuck were they attractive.

Standing before her were 7 boys all standing together like they were models (which, they probably were). 

Among them was a blond with violet eyes (and if Yuki was being honest with herself, she was a bit envious of how pretty they actually looked compared to her green ones). Pretty-eyes was arranged in the middle of the boys and sat in a chair that looked more like a throne than anything.

Yuki's eyes continued to scan the room. They eventually landed on raven-haired guy who sported a classy pair of glasses. And Yuki, being the otaku that she is, determined that he looked like this one guy, Miyabi Ichijo, from Uki Doki Memorial.

Her eyes left him and she found herself staring at the short, almost-too-cute kid holding a pink stuffed bunny. Standing behind him was Okay, wow a really, tall-as-fuck, guy. Like her, his face remained stoic.

Annnnd lastly Yuki looked at the auburn-haired twins. For some unknown reason, she  shuddered and decided that those two seemed like trouble.

Actually, now that she thought about it, all of them looked like the characters  in Uki Doki Memorial.

Our Private Academy is defined by...

One; prestigious families...

Two; wealth.

And prosperous people that have too much time on their hands.

Therefor, the Ouran Highshool Host Club is about these handsome young men with too much time on their hands giving hospitality to young women who also have to much time on their hands and gaining profit from them.

It's a unique game played by the rich and beautiful.

"Ho-ho-host club?" Haruhi stuttered out, sweating profusely and slowly stepping backwards towards the door. She seemed to be feeling around for the door knob.

"Oh, they're just boys," The creepy-ass-twins-for-no-reason said. The way they said it in unison added to their "creepy factor."

"Hikaru, Kaoru, aren't these guys in your class?" Glasses-guy questioned. The two shrugged.

"Yeah, but they keep to themselves" They said simultaneously once again.

Glasses-guy pushed his glasses up on his nose and turned to the two unfortunate girls. (And what the fuck? Why did Yuki just hear a light bulb turning on?) "Welcome to the Host Club, special students."

"What?" Pretty-eyes stood up from his thro- ahem, seat. "So these are the transfer students?"

By this time, Haruhi was desperately trying to pry the damn door open and the "Oh-so-kind" Yuki gladly helped her. Anything to get out of here, please.

"Haruhi Fujioka and Yuki Fujisaki?" The two of them stopped abruptly and froze, turning around at a slow pace with cold sweats.

"H-how do you know our names?" Both of them asked at the same time and Dammit Yuki, why'd you stutter? 

"Well, it's extremely hard for commoners to get in our school" Glasses-guy replied. Commoners? How insulting. Yuki already didn't like this guy.

Haruhi frowned while Yuki stayed emotionless (a/n: *wonk wonk*) on the outside although she was extremely pissed off.

"They say it's pretty hard getting in here unless you're a studious bookworm, you two are pretty famous." Studious? You look pretty nerdy yourself.

"Thank you..?" Haruhi, distressed, said. Yuki who was equally distressed, patted her back, trying to comfort her.

"Yes," Suddenly the blonde king came up from behind them and placed his hands on their shoulders causing to Haruhi flinch. Yuki was a bit angry because how dare he put his hand on me? 

"To put into words, you two are heroes. Two commoners in a world for only the rich, it must be hard for you." He said dramatically.

They both took small steps away from him but he started to follow the rather not-so-lucky Haruhi. Poor Haruhi. Yuki thought, but actually, she was inwardly smirking. Pleasedon'ttellHaruhi.

"Hey!" And suddenly Yuki was trying so hard to keep it all in and not jump this kid (a/n: andpossiblyrapehim I'm sorry please don't kill me). "Haru-chan, Yuu-chan, you guys are super heroes? That's so cool!" He yelled, running towards them and yanking Haruhi's arm (rather roughly), who, at this point was already walking away from the group- "Host Club".

"Scholarship students, not super heroes" Corrected Haruhi before all of a sudden, realized something.

"Who are you calling Haru-chan and Yuu-chan!?" She shouted, making the kid cry and run to the tall, stoic-faced man (yes man, not boy). Yuki felt sorry for the kid.

"But I didn't expect two bookworms, much less gay" Said the annoying blonde (guess who?).

Invisible question marks started "appearing" above both Haruhi and Yuki's heads. Last time they checked, they actually weren't interested in anybody (Yuki's anime crushes are not included because lets face it, they're not real ;-;). "Gay?"

"So what type do you fancy?" The tall blonde pointed to the child (and now that Yuki thought about it, why is he even here?) and the only one who was capable enought to be called a man in the room. (Except maybe for glasses-guy but he's too..rude.)

"Honey, Mitsukini Haninozuka: the loli-shota type?"

"Mori, Takashi Morinozuka: the strong-silent type?"

"Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin: the little-devil type?" For that one he pointed to the creepy-now-for-a-reason twins.

He then pointed to the glasses-guy (who actually gave off a creepier vibe than those twins).

"Kyoya Ohtori: The cool type?" What the- these names are so lame.

Pretty-eyes finally looked like he was about to introduce himself. He walked over to Haruhi, stepping into her personal bubble, and lifted her chin up, the two creating eye contact.

"Or me, Tamaki Suoh: the princely type?" Tamaki whispered into her ear. Poor Haruhi, she looked like she was going to puke. Suddenly she jumped back and screamed a little. During that time Yuki went into action and pushed Tamaki away, somehow making herself trip backwards. They both hit a stand with a vase on it.

"Oh no!" They tried to catch it but to no avail. It fell with an almighty...


Uh Oh. Yuki internally panicked, We're doomed!

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