The Sun, The Sea...and My Emotions... (1)

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"The Beach?" Haruhi questioned.

"Yes! The beach!" The twins exclaimed.

"Why the beach?" Yuki asked, walking over to the table Haruhi was sitting at and crossing her arms.

"You said so before, didn't you?" Hikaru said, "You two wouldn't mind going to a real beach," Kaoru continued.

"Did I really say that?" Haruhi asked the three of them. Yuki nodded. "Yup."

"Yes, you did." The twins said, moving back. "And so..." They gestured to a mannequins wearing swimsuits. 

"...we've prepared some swimsuits for the both of you," The twins stated, pointing to two in particular, one being a black bikini with purple swirls and the other one a pink bikini with ruffles. "Aren't they cute?"

"I think..." Honey says, holding up another mannequin. It wore a dark blue one-piece. "...that this would look good on Haru-chan and this..." He set that mannequin down and held up one more wearing a white, fluffy bikini with a bow. "...would look good on Yuu-chan!"

Hikaru and Kaoru shook their pinter fingers, tutting. "You don't get it, do you, Honey-senpai?"

Yuki glanced at Honey who looked confused. He turned his head to her with a questioning expression. She shrugged in response and continued watching the twins.

The twins held up Haruhi. An invisible arrow pointing at her chest. 'A-cup-chan.'

"Just wearing this uniform helps to cover the fact that she's as flat as a cutting board," Another arrow pointed to the swimsuit Honey was holding with a grumpy face, "A one-piece like that would only invite tears, by making it obvious how utterly poor her figure is." Kaoru explained.

Yuki inwardly rolled her eyes at them. Perverts...

"On that point, we carefully selected this separate-type swimsuit. The frills do a fine job of covering the absence on any bust!" The two stated, gesturing to the pink bikini again.

Hikaru and Kaoru then walked over to the only other girl in the room at the moment, and swung an arm on her shoulders.

"The situation is opposite with Yuki here," Hikaru said, "She has them. Ruffles will make it look like she has no chest," Kaoru continued.

Yuki elbowed them in the chest. The twins doubled over in pain as she walked away coolly.

"How dare you guys heap sexual harassment on my little girls!" Tamaki shouted. "That's enough of that!"

"Then, we aren't going to the beach?" The twins asked, hiding behind the table Haruhi was sitting at.

"Whoever said we weren't going?" Tamaki said, resting a baseball bat on his shoulder.

"Oh, then you do want to go!"

"Can Usa-chan come too?" Honey asks, flowers around his head. Yuki walks over to him and pats him on the head.

"Cute," She mumbles, but Honey heard it causing him to blush.

"I have no objections," Kyoya declared, writing in his little notebook.

I'm sure it's a death note, Yuki thought narrowing her eyes. If it wasn't, why wouldn't he show anybody what's inside?

"Huh? We're really going?" Haruhi asks in surprise.

"Come on, let's go to the beach!" Tamaki smirked.


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