Kyoya's Fiance And Our New Manager? Screw This.

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"Tamaki, why is it that you are so beautiful?" Once again, the Host Club is now open for business with weird cosplay costumes.

Today, all the hosts were expensive wearing kimonos.

"That's because I want to catch your eye, if only for a second," Tamaki replied, he was wearing a fake pony tail.

"Why is it your voice is so mellow?" Asked another girl with a blush on her face.

"So that my feelings might reach your heart." He said flirtatiously.

"Why is it you look at me with such moist eyes?" Another guest blushed. Tamaki smiled at her.

"Because your fresh, young smile makes the spring in my hart overflow," He had fake tears in his eyes. His guests swooned.

"So you two are wearing matching kimonos?" One guests asked the twins at their table.

"The ones that everyone's wearing today is designed by our mothers." Hikaru smiled. "If you want, we can take your order," He said.

Kaoru also smiled and said, "It was our grandmother that dressed us though," He added. Hikaru grabbed his twin's face, making Kaoru look into his eyes.

"And of course, it's my task to undress you, Kaoru," Hikaru's voice was deep and seductive. Kaoru blushed.

"Hikaru..." Kaoru turned away from him with watery eyes. "You're embarrassing me in front of the guests," He said.

Their guests squealed with red faces.

Haruhi sweatdropped while Yuki's eye slightly twitched. Suddenly, both of their guests appeared in front of them. "Haruhi, you look so cute in your kimono!" One said. The other nodded and looked at Yuki.

"Yuki, you look so beautiful in your kimono!" She said. "Just like girls! Though Yuki's more manly," Yuki mentally pouted. But I'm not even a guy! She inwardly dramatically sighed.

"Haruhi, Yuki, you've been requested." They turned their heads to Kyoya, who wasn't even looking at them.

"Both of your clients have pretty well stabilized lately, haven't they? Keep it up." He stated. Then he finally turned to the two cross-dressing girls. He said something about their debt and the kimonos, but Yuki just mentally rolled her eyes at him.

Two guests then appeared and asked Kyoya something about photo collections of the Host Club hosts.

"Haru-chan, Yuu-chan!" Haruhi and Yuki heard Honey's voice. The turned their heads to him.

"I lost one of my sandals." Honey was crying. "You were just wearing them a while ago, weren't you?" Haruhi questioned as she and Yuki walked over to him.

Yuki, not wanting to see anybody sad, put a hand on top of his head. The sides of her lips twitched up slightly. "We'll find them," She said, emotionless. Honey blushed at her kindness.

"Mitsukuni,"Mori lifted Honey's left foot up and slipped his missing sandal on his foot. "Takashi..."

"It was lying over there." Mori said. Honey hugged him tightly with a big smile. Whoa, he said more than one word, Yuki was surprised.

Haruhi had stress lines (is that what you call it?) on her face. "These tearful events seem to be spreading," She commented. Yuki nodded.

"Why is everyone crying today?" Yuki whispered to Haruhi. Haruhi was backing away when she bumped into Kaoru. Coming out of Kaoru's sleave, a small bottle fell to the ground.

"What?" Haruhi picked up the bottle as Yuki's eye twitched once again.

Suddenly, the twins appeared at either sides of them as the girls stood together.

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