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Haruhi's Brother by Killer_Eclipse
Haruhi's Brotherby Eclipse
After The death of Haruhi and Thomas mother died. Thomas left to live his dream in New York. What happens if 9 years later he comes back and The host club falls for him?
  • mori
  • ouran
  • ohshc
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Intimate Refraction [Ouran Host Club Kyoya] by Patissiere24
Intimate Refraction [Ouran Host Cl...by Patissiere24
Akari Sakahashi goes by Crystal to those she is close with... which is essentially no one. The young heiress transferred into Ouran during middle school from St.Marie's...
  • hikaru
  • host
  • kyoya
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The Broken Type (OHSHC fanfic) by Pandi-Yuuki
The Broken Type (OHSHC fanfic)by Yuuki
Camille Bellitonia is one half of a set of twins. The other half is her brother Cameron who recently passed away. Her life was falling apart as she watched her brother s...
  • host
  • club
  • kaoru
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On Mute (Ouran High School Host Club fan fiction) COMPLETED by LongingForYesterday
On Mute (Ouran High School Host Cl...by Astoria
Everything was silent. That's how Asuna was at least. Never spoken a single word since her family ended in front of her eyes. She lives in the cold streets not knowing w...
  • updates
  • club
  • completed
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Dead Eyes (Kyoya X OC) by lovelyxion
Dead Eyes (Kyoya X OC)by Sam
Kainé is starting her second year at Ouran Academy. She's very intelligent for someone her age. But she's not like most girls. She doesn't talk much and isn't a happy-go...
  • kaoru
  • lazybug24
  • deadeyes
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Save me | Hikaru x Reader x Kaoru by flirtgasm
Save me | Hikaru x Reader x Kaoruby h i a t u s
15 year old F/N L/N, Ouran's newest scholarship student, has been the talk of Ouran's since the day you had arrived. Your luscious H/L H/C hair was gorgeous and your E/C...
  • honeysenpai
  • hiitachins
  • fanfiction
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Twins?!- The Hostess with The Mostest (Completed) by maybe210
Twins?!- The Hostess with The Most...by Maybe...Definitely!
:•After some time away Haruhi's twin sister returns to Japan to attend Ouran High School but not without her own past. She soon becomes a new addition to the clubs fami...
  • ouranhostclub
  • comedy-romance
  • mori
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Various X chubby reader one shots❤️ by Sassyshotaprincess
Various X chubby reader one shots❤️by Sassyshotaprincess
anime or any Game, show really x chubby reader! :) updates are slow~~ bare with me
  • sallyface
  • attackontitan
  • fluff
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It's Bittersweet (OHSHC Fanfic) by Drowning_out_sound
It's Bittersweet (OHSHC Fanfic)by Ellie
Years ago, there was a scandal in the Haninozuka family. One of the family members was disowned for abusing the Haninozuka style and taking training to dangerous extreme...
  • usa-chan
  • club
  • host
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Tell Me A Lie (Kyoya Ootori Fanfiction) by RinIsAlone
Tell Me A Lie (Kyoya Ootori Fanfic...by TinIsTrash
Mikasa Akatsuki. A high school student fighting for her life. Literally. One day her clumsiness lead her to a not so abandoned music room. Rose petals, six beautiful gu...
  • haruhi
  • highschool
  • ootori
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The Shy Type《OHSHC》 by pandasquiggle
The Shy Type《OHSHC》by Just OHSHC FanFic
Mitskuni Haninozuka x male! OC #432 - 1/18/18 #416 - 1/12/18 #565 - 1/9/18 #584 - 1/8/18 #600 - 1/7/18 #832 - 1/3/118
  • bxb
  • ouran
  • yaoi
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Accidental love by Melissayeoo
Accidental loveby Mel
Reader x Kyoya ) requested by someone )Tamaki the leader of the host club decided that the host club should not only cater to girls but to guys as well this they hunted...
  • ootori
  • ouran-high-school-host-club
  • high
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Objective: Ouran Academy ♔ OHSHC by Alexandria_Walker
Objective: Ouran Academy ♔ OHSHCby that bitch ©
b o o k o n e ♔ girls with guns and boys with roses ♔ ︻┳═一 ❀ 一═︻┳ Alexandria, a renowned criminal and feared even within her compound, has one last objective. Ou...
  • suoh
  • anime
  • ohshc
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Small Doesnt Mean Vulnerable -OHSHC (fanfic) by x_Imouto_chan_x
Small Doesnt Mean Vulnerable -OHSH...by x_Imouto_chan_x
Madi Shizuka, a young and child-like girl, finds herself in a big mix when her parents decide to move back to Japan. The hosts found it surprising that such a small, obl...
  • tamaki
  • kyoya
  • fanfic
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The Photographer by AuroraRose24
The Photographerby AuroraRose24
When Kairi Riku gets a scholarship to Ouran High School she meets some new people. The Host Club. When the club hires her as their photographer she begins to get to know...
  • together
  • ouran
  • ohshc
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Ouran's New Assassins?! by Izuku_Prince
Ouran's New Assassins?!by Izuku Prince
After killing Koro-Sensei, Nagisa and Karma bought a mansion together and decided to live there in peace. Who am I kidding. That never happens. Instead, after buying t...
  • crossover
  • karmagisa
  • assclassxouran
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Ouran Highschool Host Club one shots by Sweet_sacrafice
Ouran Highschool Host Club one sho...by Jamie
These are just some one shots and some scenarios I put you guys in concerning the host club and more. Some of it is gay (depending on the reader) so please expect Haruhi...
  • mori
  • gaylove
  • one
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At First Sight (Kyoya x Haruhi) by cluelessnameless
At First Sight (Kyoya x Haruhi)by Lucie
Kyoya x Haruhi. From Kyoya's point of view.
  • tamaki
  • thoughts
  • love
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Hikaru x Haruhi by HikaHaru04
Hikaru x Haruhiby HikaHaru04
This story does have some parts that are suited for older readers. I you are not comfortable with sexual content or older than at least 13 years old, you have been warn...
  • haruhifujioka
  • hikaruxharuhi
  • hostclub
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Rapunzel || OHSHC by Astra-Galaxy-Night
Rapunzel || OHSHCby Astrella
We all have been told this tale ever since we were little. The story of a brave prince who rescued a girl imprisoned in a tower by an evil sorceress. Many think of this...
  • kyoya
  • anime
  • kyoyaootori
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