Dance Party

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Tamaki and Yuki danced. Yuki felt happy, it was a long time since she danced like this.

They finally finished dancing and Yuki opened her eyes. She realized Tamaki was looking at her. She never saw it, but he really had beautiful eyes. Yuki blinked, did she just think that!? She blushed, a barely noticeable blush. No Yuki! You can't think of things like that! I forbid you! Yuki mentally slapped her cheeks.

Meanwhile, Tamaki was having similar thoughts. Her eyes are like emeralds, even more beautiful, though, He thought. Tamaki then blushed at his thoughts. She's my daughter! Daddy shouldn't have thoughts like these! Thankfully, before he could think up of more..things, he was snapped out of his thoughts.

Yuki finally regained control and straightened herself up. She looked at Tamaki, he had a faraway look in his eyes now, probably thinking of absurd things, she thought. Yuki waved a hand in front of his face.

Tamaki blinked. "Hello? Anyone there?" Asked Yuki. "Oh! Sorry daughter, I was just thinking," He replied. "Thank you for dancing with me," He smiled.

Yuki blinked and the corners of her mouth twitched again. "My pleasure."

She and Tamaki bowed at each other. Now, all the hosts saw this exchange and frowned. What was wrong with them?

Yuki then walked over to Haruhi and Kanako, who, along with everyone else, were watching her. They both smiled at her and waved. Yuki waved back.

"Thank you so much, Kasugazaki-san, for letting me dance with you," Haruhi said to Kanako.

Kanako smiled. "Oh, that's okay. I heard you were refraining from entertaining any customers, so you can get in special training, aren't you?" She folded her arms on the table she was sitting at. "I'm that much happier to have you all to myself," She said, looking straight at Haruhi.

"Yeah..." Haruhi awkwardly looked at Yuki, who shrugged.

"Oh my! You got new new cups? Ginori right?" Kanako delightedly exclaimed.

"You do have a keen eye. They only arrived yesterday," Stated Kyoya, startling Yuki. When did he get here!? He almost gave me a heart attack!

"Lately, our club has been seeking to improve its tea sets," Kyoya said. Kanako smiled at the teacup.

"I see. It's a nice color, very lovely" She commented. That caught Tamaki's attention.

"You must really like tableware, huh?" Haruhi cheerfully asked, Yuki nodding along. Kanako blushed, widening her eyes.

"N-not really, no, I don't. My word, what are you talking about." She stuttered. Haruhi sweat dropped. Yuki silently raised an eyebrow at that. Why was she so flustered?

"She does like it, why does she hide it?" Haruhi whispered to Yuki. Yuki shrugged.

They heard someone at the door. Haruhi and Yuki turned to it, standing there was a person.

Yuki looked surprised. Is that who I think it is?

"Hello, I've brought the teacups you've ordered," They said. Kanako looked surprised, recognizing the voice.

"Ah, thank you. Every item you chose for us was popular with the girls, it's very impressive," Kyoya said complementing the guy.

"That's good to hear" He replied.

Suddenly Haruhi walked over to them. "Are you a dealer?" She asked. Yuki mentally face-palmed at that.

"I'm just a regular student. I'm wearing the uniform see?" Kanako turned around to face them.

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