Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

"Soo.. You enjoy crotch grabbing and high pitched voices?" Jimmy posed.

I immediately choked on something that wasn't even there and stopped dead in my tracks trying to get air to my lungs. When I could breath fine again I stared at him out of breath and bewildered.

"What the hell are you talking about?" I shrieked.

What kind of a stupid, random and weird question is that?!

He fought back a smile and cleared his throat pointing to my shirt. My face reddened as we kept walking on the sidewalk.

First I blushed out of embarrassment, then out of anger once I realized what he meant.

He was dissing MJ! The legendary Michael Jackson!

"What are you trying to say?" I hissed throught my teeth, putting a hand on my hip and tapping my foot awaiting an answer. It better be good too.

"Nothing, nothing..." he casually replied, and that was it. I stood there staring, awaiting more but he turned his back on me and walked away. For a second I thought he was going to completely leave without me but he turned around at a crosswalk and cuffed his hands around his mouth shouting, "I'm sorry OK! Just please hurry up!"

I made my way to him at a normal walking pace, not bothering to run even when we missed a crosswalk. He rolled his eyes but I still didn't speed up. Right as I reached his side he attempted at putting his arm around my shoulder but I sped up so he ended up stumbling behind me. People stared at him like he was crazy trying to 'hug air' and I laughed.

Smiling to myself I kept walking, now increasing my pace since I was ahead of him even though I didn't know where to go. I didn't show it though.

People stared at me curiously as I made my way through the very busy sidewalk, it was surprisingly crowded for the morning. I wasn't use to it.

"Wait!!" He shouted. I kept walking, it was silent for a while and for a second I questioned if he was still following me. I slowed down and before I could turn around he shouted out again,

"...You Can't Win! I'll be Working Day And Night for you baby. Ease Down On The Road, just Don't Walk Away!..."

...My mind went blank, what the heck is he saying?

"...You Are My Life, please Lily I'm Speechless! Don't be a Heartbreaker, Whatever Happens you are the only Thriller in my life!!..."

People from the sidewalk were starting to stare at him then they curiously stared at me. Some people even stopped walking to watch us, waiting. I blushed in embarrassment as I turned around...

"...this is just 2 Bad, but why can't we just Come Together, Smile, cause You Rock My World baby!"

Oh my god.

He was down on one knee. People rushed out of the space between us and he stared at me with the widest grin I'd ever seen in my life. One hand was on his chest, the other was held out to me.

I was about 15 feet away and could still see his eyes glistening with amusement and he stared at me with a mock loving gaze. I was surprised not only because of what he was doing, but because of his weird way of doing it. I had no idea he even knew that many Michael Jackson songs...

"...together We Are The World, Give In To Me Lily, yoou make make me wanna Scream!!..."

Oh My God.

My jaw was dropped, he was still going! Everyone by now had stopped and stared at him then at me. I finally got what he was doing and I was appalled when he didn't stop.

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