Chapter 25

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I whimpered again when I realized nobodies foot should be bent that way. Dammit!, dammit, dammit!

A hoarse voice interrupted my misery.

"Spike, call James! Quick!!"


Chapter 25

A husky man came up to me a looked down at me. "Are you OK?" He asked.

I rolled my eyes, "Do I look OK?!"

"No.. I'm sorry. James will be here in a second."


"Mike, what is it? I don't have time to ta-"

A man looking like he was in the twenties came out and paused when he saw me. He had dirty blonde hair and was wearing no shirt, and he had on boxing shorts and boxing gloves hanging around his neck. His knuckles were wrapped with tape, my eyes wandered to a scar on his left rib that was stitched up.

Prying my eyes away, I gathered all my strength and pushed myself up halfway so I was sitting instead of lying down, pain continued to shoot through my leg. The man called 'James' came over and helped me up, putting my arm over his shoulder and holding me by the waist so I wouldn't fall. My leg was still throbbing with pain and I bit my lip so hard to stop myself from crying, I started to taste blood in mouth.

"OK come inside." He whispered, pulling me towards the door.

I stopped and stubbornly crossed my arms, trying not to tip over. "How do I know I can trust you?" I questioned, doing my best to raise an eyebrow and give him a stern look.

He laughed, "Your very stubborn," he observed.

I nodded in triumph. "Yes I am."

James chuckled and his eyes wandered to my leg then towards the fence I had 'hopped' off of.

"Did you..." He pointed at the fence and his lip curled into a smirk.

I rolled my eyes, "Yes. I jumped off. But it wasn't my fault!" I added quickly.

"How so?" He questioned, coming closer to me which sent chills down my spine and to my toes.

"Umm. A uhh.. H-hobo. Was umm... c-chasing me. He cornered me in this alley so I hopped the fence and he shook it until I fell..." I mumbled.

I looked away in embarrassment, he probably thought I was a lunatic!

He interrupted my thoughts with a chorus of laughter. Great. I sighed and waited for him to stop, but he didn't.

"It wasn't that funny..." I mumbled.

He nodded and laughed again, holding his hand against his six pack.

I blushed and turned away until his laughter eventually died down to just a chuckle. "OK, let's get you inside so we can check out your leg."

After hesitating I finally nodded so he helped me to the door. There was no other way out of here anyways, and I definitely wasn't about to hop that stupid fence again.

Just as James had opened the door for me I heard my name being called from behind us. Confused, James and I both turned around just as we saw a figure hop over the fence like a monkey. My eyes bulged out at how swiftly the figure had climbed over, and how scary and buff it looked from here.

Scared for my life, I hugged the only protection I had. Which just so happened to be James. When I realized he wasn't wearing a shirt I quickly retracted my arms as the figure approached closer.

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