Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

Sitting alone at a park bench by yourself can be very depressing. Especially when your starving and have absolutely no idea were the heck you are.

My stomach moaned once again, reminding me that it was awaiting food. I hadn't even had breakfast and it was probably past noon. Sighing, I stood up and walked to the nearest store which happened to be a very busy cafe.

I opened the door and stepped in, the heavy smell of coffee and muffins rushed through my nostrils and my stomach let out another silent groan. I could only imagine how people go days without food, I can barely survive several hours.

Someone shoved passed me and another person bumped against my shoulder, snapping me back to reality. I moved from the entrance and got in line, digging through my jean pockets for some spare cash. I flipped through the few dollar bills I had and something that was tucked between the bills fell onto the ground, my ID card.

Before I could pick it up a lady had reached down and grabbed it. I looked up, she was and African lady in about her sixties. She had on large colorful hoop earrings and a black apron with some powder smudged onto it. She must work here.

"Mrs... Ferrington?" she questioned and looked at me with an eyebrow raised.

I smiled and replied, "Yes," and attempted at grabbing my card out of her hands but she pulled away still eyeing me.

"Mmm.. Is your father by any chance... Mark? Mark Ferrington?"

"How do you know my father?" I questioned, staring at her bewildered.

She ignored my question and laughed, "Well I'll be damned! You must be Lily Ferrington, come. Follow me." she motioned for me to follow her into the back which I did, still holding a confused gaze.

"Sit." she pointed to a stool behind a desk. We were in the kitchen/office.

People were rushing through, taking orders, making drinks, and baking pastries. Everything smelled so yummy, it made my tummy growl with jealousy.

I sat down and awkwardly stared at her, she was just smiling at me shaking her head back and forth, her grey hair was flopping back and forth in a bun.

"My my, your look so much like your mother," she commented.

I stared at her even more dumb-founded. How the heck does she know my mother?

"Well listen sweetie you look starved, I'm going to go put together some pastries for you. You can use the phone on the desk if you need to." and she waltzed out laughing and talking to herself. What in the world is going on here?!

Knowing I would eventually need a ride home though, I picked up the phone and dialed. That man had a lot of explaining to do, I had no idea my mom had even been to New York, let alone buried here. And now I step into some random Cafe and this lady tells me she knows my parents? By far the weirded thin that could have happened to me.


"It's Lily." I replied, my voice was stiff.

"Lily! Where are you?! Jimmy just called me telling me you ran away I've been searching all over ever since. I was even about to call the cops!"

"I'm fine. I'm in some sort of cafe. A women here says she knows you... And she says she knew mom."

He was silent for a second then he quickly replied, "Stay there Jimmy will be there soon." Then he clicked off the phone.

Well goodbye to you too dad!

Why was he sending Jimmy anyways, why couldn't he just man up and face me? He's going to have to sooner or later.

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