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Chapter 11

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Rosie stared at me petrified and I returned the shocked gaze, holding onto her tightly. My heart was beating madly and quickly my mind raced through all the things I could have done to have the police after me, nothing came to mind except the party.

Before I could debate any longer the counting started.



My heart raced


Chapter 11

The door burst down and I immediately covered my head in defense and shut my eyes. Even with my eyes closed I saw flashes and I heard Rosie squeal then go silent. I was just about to open my eyes but before I could suddenly I was lifted onto someones back.

OH NO! They are taking me away!!

I kept my eyes shut and furiously pounded on the persons back, kicking and screaming.

"I didn't do anything wrong, this is ILLEGAL!"

"Ow! Cut it out Lily!"

I opened my eyes. It was only Oliver and Jason! Jason had a camera in one hand and a siren light in the other; he was laughing with Rosie next to him staring amused.

"Oliver. Put. Me. Down!!" I shrieked. I nearly had a heart attack because of those two jerks!

"Not until you say sorry for hitting and kicking me!" Oliver protested, he still had me over his shoulder.

"No! I didn't do anything wrong, it was self defense!"

"You asked for it!" Before I could do anything I was thrown onto my bed, someone was holding my arms and legs down; I couldn't move!

"Stop I'm suffocating!!" I shrieked.

"Liar!! Say sorry!"


"I'm warning you Lily, say sorry!"


"Don't say I didn't warn you!!"

I felt the pressure lifted off of me, I was just about to leap off the bed until I felt something cold on my head.

Before I knew it I was freezing cold and DRENCHED completely in water.

"oh. my. god. Oliver and Jason, You two are so DEAD!"

They had completely soaked me with freezing cold water! Oliver and Jason laughed and threw aside a bucket, running out the door, but not before taking another picture.

I was momentarily blinded by the flash of the camera but immediately I jolted back to realization.

"Cmon Rosie, we need to get that camera!" She agreed and we quickly picked up the first things we saw (which happened to be a shoe and a belt) to defend ourselves and dashed down the steps.

The sun had almost set so the room was sort of dark, but still light enough to see. The house was quiet, we slowed down on the last step and listened for any noise.


I motioned for Rosie to follow me and she did wide-eyed. We made our way to the kitchen.

Still no one.

"Where did they go?" I whispered.

"I don't kn_"

"GET THEM!!" Jason and Oliver shouted as they popped up behind the couch armed with water guns! They started squirting and chasing us.

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