Chapter 18

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Chapter 18

"OH NO!" Jimmy exclaimed as he gasped at my schedule. A lady behind the counter shushed him and he waved her off, she shot a glare back at me and I shrugged.

"What is it?" I asked trying to look around Jimmy who was holding my schedule at his eye level (which, sadly, was way too high for me to see.)

"My friend was right, you ARE a smart kid!"

I was taken back by his remark and stared at him curiously, "What the heck are you talking about?"

He shoved my schedule in front of my face and pointed out the classes one by one while repeating, "Smart class.. Smart class.. Smart class... Smart class..."

"You mean Advanced Placement? Yeah so what?" I shrugged.

"I don't have ANY smart classes!" he spoke loudly and slowly as he widened his eyes and stared at me with disbelief.

The lady behind the counter gave us another glare and shushed us rudely, so I pulled Jimmy out of the office and into the hallway. Before I could speak the bell rang and Jimm'y eyes widened.

"Oh no, I can't be late to Mr.Cossler's class again!" He gave me a quick hug goodbye and ran away through the halls and diasappeared into the crowd of people.

Great. Thanks a lot Jimmy!

I took a look at my school map I got from the front office and turned it around a couple of times to get it facing the right direction. Sighing I looked at my first class which was Spanish 5/6 located at the opposite end of the school. Oh joy.

I pulled my bag onto my shoulder and made my way down the halls to a direction I hoped was right. Some people didn't notice me at all, other's figured out quickly that I was new and gave me funny looks.

Finally I arrived at my class 15 minutes late. The teacher was in the middle of asking everyone how there break was, I stood by the door awaiting him to finish.

He spotted me and smiled. "Ahh Buenos Dias, En que puedo ayudarle?" (Good morning, How may I help you?)

"Umm..." My mind raced through so find the right words and finally I spoke out, " Soy un estudiante de nuevo." (I am a new student.) It came out a little slower than I intended so it sounded funny. He nodded his head with realization and pulled me up to the front of the class, asking me to introduce myself.

"Hola. Mi llamo Lily." I announced. The teacher tried to urge me to say more but I pretended like I didn't see him so instead he pointed me to a seat in the very back in between a group of big guys.

Just my luck.

I took a deep breath and strolled over. As I sat down my binder on the desk and sat in it, I felt everyone'si eyes monitoring my every move. I stared strait ahead at the board ignoring their looks and side comments.

Five minutes into the lesson I was taking notes when I felt something tap my shoulder.

"Hey.. Hey you.." Someone to my right whispered.

I turned around and saw a guy with black hair styled into a slight  fohawk and ice blue eyes. I was taken back by his gaze but I was quickly reminded when he started to tap on his notebook with his pencil again.

"Do you get this?" he continued, I looked over at his notebook to see he only had one thing written down, his name..

I smiled and whispered, "You know it might be helpful to actually write down notes."

At first he frowned at me and squinted his eyes at the paper. Then he smiled and before he could reply we were interrupted.

"Mr. Conner, would you like to come up here and teach the lesson yourself?" The teacher asked, setting down his paper and frowning at us through his glasses. The boy looked up and gave the teacher a huge grin.

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