Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

"BROOKLYN? As in NEW YORK?!" I shrieked, of all places why in the world does my father have to live THERE? I hate the city. I hate traffic. And I sure as heck know I will hate his house! This is so not fair.

Aunt Caroline put her arms around me and soothed, "well it's not that bad sweet pea, your uncle and I will try and visit whenever we can, and you can come back and visit your friends in Utah over the summer... Make the best of it sugar, and I promise it will be ok."

I looked up to her bright blue eyes and sighed, rubbing my temples as I considered what my aunt was telling me and came to the conclusion that I had no choice. I hate whining anyways, makes me feel helpless.

She seemed to know i understand so she got up and walked next to Max and put her hand on his shoulder. I wanted to scream and cry and throw a brat fit, but instead I took a deep breath and sauntered through the halls, up the stairs, and into my bedroom. I could have sworn I heard her whisper, "See, that that wasn't that bad. Ya just gotta tell it like it is..." while I left. Thanks a lot Aunt Caroline...

As I walked in my room I observed what I would be leaving behind. I started to walk over to my window to watch Bella until I noticed something laying on my bed. It was three brand new hot big suitcases suitcases with a matching zebra duffel bag.

"Oh my god," I sputtered. Those suitcases are the hottest and brightest shade of pink that I've ever seen!! I felt like I needed to put on my sunglasses to shade my eyes from the horrific color. On top of one of the bags was a note scribbled onto a pink post-it. It read:

'I figured you'd want to make a statement going into your home, now you can..

-Love Caroline'

I sighed. "Of course ..." I mumbled as I started to my drawers, this was so like Caroline, she was crazy sometimes but I knew that's what I would miss about her the most. She was probably downstairs right now picking at her manicured nails and twirling her blonde curly hair, all satisfied for herself as if the pink suitcases were a favor.


"BROOKLYN? But that's like all the way on the other side of the United States!" Rosie whined. Rosie was my best friend ever since the third grade. She had reddish wavy hair that hung a little past her shoulders, jungle green eyes, and some freckles that weren't even enough to connect.

We met during recess while we were playing soccer and she accidentally kicked the ball at my face, so I fell to the floor and started crying. She ran over to help me up, gave me a hug, and agreed to share her snack bar with me every day at lunch for the rest of the year. We were best friends ever since.

I sadly chuckled at the thought, some things are just meant to be. "What are you laughing at? We need to figure out a plan to get you out of this, pronto!" she announced, pointing her spoon at me dramatically while some of the ice cream started to melt off if it. I rolled my eyes and spoke,

"I seriously don't think Caroline and Max are going to give up a promotion this big for me, they really need it. The house may be payed for but their bills for the company and the horses sure add up. Even if they did offer to turn it down, I wouldn't let them, this is too good of an opportunity..." I took a deep breath and continued, "...But I sure am gonna miss this." I choked out my last sentence, but quickly smiled at Rosie so she wouldn't suspect I was depressed, which she didn't. I also didn't like people feeling sorry for me.

"Well then do it for me! I mean, what the heck am I gonna do without my bestest friend in the whole wide world?" she pouted then batted her eyelashes.

I scoffed, "Oh quit being so dramatic Rosie, it's not like I'm leaving forever! I can come and visit in the summer, and I can leave for good in about a year and a half once I'm 18. Besides, you'll still have Oliver." As if on cue I felt a pair of warm hands shield my eyes.

"Guess whoo," the voice sang. I remove the pair of hands and chuckled.

"I know it's you Oliver. You'd think that after doing that trick three times a day and never surprising me, you'd stop by now." Oliver

feigned hurt and sat down in our booth, took my spoon, then shoved the remain of my cookies and cream ice cream in his mouth. I jumped at the chance to talk while he was still busy with his mouth full. "Anyways, I just thought I'd call you over here to tell you in person that..." I searched for the right words to lay it on him gently but none seemed to come to mind so I just blurted out, "I'm moving to New York to live with my dad."

Oliver stop with his spoon in mid air and stared at me wide eyed. I bit my lip trying to avoid his gaze, I couldn't afford to look into his beautiful green eyes, I would have melted.

Oliver and I were currently best friends, but in the honest truth we've always had a tiny crush on each other. We tried giving it a go as a couple a year ago, but I didn't want a boyfriend at the time and he was more like a brother to me, so we settled on just being friends.

I sat there and waited for his extensive reaction and rage of questions I'd have to answer. Instead he pushed his ice cream forwards, stood up, and simply walked out without making a sound, his face didn't move a muscle the whole time. I looked at Rosie and saw her shocked reaction, knowing the look on my face was probably twice as surprised.

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